Rode Microphones Nt4 Dual-Element NT4

Rode Microphones Nt4 Dual-Element Stereo MicrophoneRode Microphones Nt4 Dual-Element Stereo Microphone
The RDE NT4 Dual-Element Stereo Microphone is a small-diaphragm condenser microphone specifically designed for stereo recording. It features dual heads in a 90 XY configuration-great for acoustic guitar, live concerts, and when mono-compatibility is an issue. Its compact size and design allows for effective and subtle positioning which is crucial when close miking. The NT4 is supplied with a custom case, stereo breakout cable, stand mount, and windscreen.Requires phantom power.XY-stereo coincident-pair elementsCompact sizeHigh SPL/low noiseGreat sound
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