Deering Goodtime 2 Zombie Killer GZ

Deering Goodtime 2 Zombie Killer 5-String Banjo Zombie InlaysDeering Goodtime 2 Zombie Killer 5-String Banjo Zombie Inlays
The Goodtime 2 Zombie Killer Banjo features a blonde maple neck with engraved hardwood inlays with Zombie killing themes. The maple resonator is finished to look blood splattered and worn. The resonator flange has teeth around the outer edge like a circular saw blade with Zombie killing images cut into the flat surface of the flange. The three-ply violin maple rim is finished with a dark reddish finish. The metal parts are finished in both nickel plating and a hard blood red color. This banjo is dedicated to the youthful interest in the Zombie Apocolypse … and for the kid in all of us. Case sold separately.Blonde maple neckMaple resonatorThree-ply violin maple rimCase sold separately
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