Suzuki Chromatic Tonechime Hand Set HB-12A

Suzuki Chromatic Tonechime Hand Set Hb-12A 12-Note 3Rd Octave Add-OnSuzuki Chromatic Tonechime Hand Set Hb-12A 12-Note 3Rd Octave Add-On
Bring the excitement of handbell playing directly to your school, church, or music group with the affordable Suzuki 25-Note Chromatic ToneChime Set. Suzuki has precision crafted and perfectly tuned these chimes. Lightweight alloy bells have rounded tone chambers for easy handling. Striker mechanisms are adjustable for variable expression. Overtone tuning ensures perfect harmonics. Suzuki suggests starting off small with the HB-25 25-note, 2-octave set. As your experience increases, HB-12A expands your original set to 3 octaves. Finally, the exciting 4th octave add-on set, HB-12, completes your chime collection. Range: G4-G6. Suzuki includes a heavy-duty padded travel case with handle to complete your Chromatic Tone Chime Set.
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