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Kilpatrick Audio Phenol Patchable K65-PHENOL-US

Kilpatrick Audio Phenol Patchable Analog SynthesizerKilpatrick Audio Phenol Patchable Analog Synthesizer
PHENOL is a new type of electronic instrument from Kilpatrick Audio, and is a perfect arsenal addition for a lot of different kinds of musicians. Analog synthesizers possess no less charm today than they did wehen they first began appearing in amplified music in the 60s and 70s. Among the most massive and thrilling analog synth sounds ever created were those devised on modular synthesizers. Modular synthesis was the root inspiration for the PHENOL, and a cosdt and sizxe that is a fraction of the original modular systems as well as modular systems that are available today, PHENOL offers the creative potential, sound and hands-on experience of a modular synth in a sleek, compact and affordable package. And if exposure to PHENOL inspires something in you to go head first into modular synths, your initial investment can be incorporated into your more ambitious modular systems. PHENOL is compatible with modular systems because it uses the same voltages and banana connectors as the Kilpatrick Format and similar modular synthesizers.Whether you already love modular synthesizers and want a smaller instrument for portability, or whether you’ve heard about modular synths and want to get started, PHENOL offers an amazing instrument at a great price.Banana patch system with color-coded jacks and voltages compatible with Kilpatrick Format and other modular systems – PHENOL Panel LayoutTwo analog VCOs – triangle, ramp and pulse outputsTwo analog filters – low pass and band pass (formerly labeled high pass)Two analog VCAs with level controlTwo envelope generator / LFO combos with many unique features (digital)An LFO with sine and random output (digital)Internal MIDI to CV converter with DIN and USB MIDI interfacesBuilt-in MIDI sequencer / looperCompact mixer with digital delay (330ms of delay time)Digital pulse divider – divide MIDI clock, LFOs or audio signals Buffered analog mixer / mult / inverter with level controlTwo external audio inputs buffer and amplify line-level signals – process drum machine or other audio sources through the systemRear panel connections / controls:USB-B port for USB MIDI connection to a PC / MacHeadphone and line outputs (1/4 jacks)DC power input – 2.1mm coax – centre positive 24VDCGround banana jackExternal input (1/4 jacks)Power input: 24VDC @ 250mA (500mA regulated supply required)Operating temperature: 59F to 86FStorage temperature: 14F to 113FDimensions: 15.8W x 8.8L x 2.5H (including feet and knobs)Weight: 5lbs (2.27kg)Universal input power supply (100-240V) included
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