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Harbinger Powered Sub V2218S

Harbinger Powered Sub WooferHarbinger Powered Sub Woofer
The Harbinger V�¢Ri V2218S powered subwoofer is the perfect complement to the Harbinger V2212 or V2215 full range speakers as well as other main speaker systems that could benefit from 1500 watts of additional bass. Designed for complete control of your low end, the V22118S provides richness and warmth to acoustic and vocal performances, or deep drop bass to live band and DJ rigs. The V2218S also offers electric/acoustic design features not available from other manufacturers, such as an optical-limiter that provides a quicker response to potentially damaging transient peaks and preserves fine audio detail to the input signal. Also featured is a front-mounted, defeatable LED that makes it easier to quickly recognize any clipping issues. Comes with an integrated crossover with selectable crossover frequency control, level input and convenient 0�°/180�° phase switch to optimize the correct phase relationship of your sub for multiple speaker setups. Includes heavy-duty casters, side handles, and a sturdy 1-3/8 pole mount.1500 watts, Class-D amplification18 woofer w/3 voice coilBuilt-in 90/120Hz switchable crossover0�°/180�° Phase input switchOptical limiter with front-mounted, defeatable LED clip indicator2 XLR / �¼ TRS combo inputs Selectable full-range link or high-pass XLR outputs Sleek and rugged steel grilleHeavy-duty casters and balanced side handlesSturdy 1-3/8 pole mountSpeaker configurationActive/passive:ActiveType:SubwooferLF driver:18MF driver:N/AHF driver:N/APowerAmplifier class:DWattage:1500WMixer/preamp:NoInputsXLR/TRS:2TRS:0TS:0RCA0Output/thruXLR:2TRS:N/ATS:N/ASpeakON:N/A
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Harbinger M350 Portable Pa System With M350

Harbinger M350 Portable Pa System With SubwooferHarbinger M350 Portable Pa System With Subwoofer
The Harbinger M350 Portable PA System provides 350 watts of clean, articulate Class-D power (1100 watts peak) through a 10 subwoofer and two 4.75 satellite speakers. Its ideal for medium-size venues such as parties, dance floors, presentations and schools. The built-in mixer offers three independent channels with variable inputs that you can balance down to a stereo mix, and a 2-band shelving EQ to help sculpt your overall tone. Plus, it offers a wide selection of built-in reverbs and delay effects that means less gear to carry. The compact and powerful 10 subwoofer (with level control) delivers the exact low-end power you need, and the two satellite speakers can be positioned equidistant from the sub for superior sonic imaging and accurate spatial detail. The highly configurable M350 also features built-in Bluetooth�® audio so you can play tracks from any mobile device for background, accompaniment, performance enhancement and more. The M350 is specifically designed to travel easy with speakers that cleverly tuck away into the subwoofer cabinet for effortless portability from rehearsal to car to stage.350 Watts RMS (1100 watts peak)Clean, articulate Class-D power10 Subwoofer and two 4.75 satellite speakers3-channel stereo mixer with variable input options2-Band global EQ provides complete tone controlFX send control for each channelBuilt-in effects include 6 reverbs, delay and vocal doublerSubwoofer level knob dials in the perfect amount of low-end emphasisCan be configured for mono or stereo modeAux inputs and Bluetooth�® audioWeighs only 60 pounds for easy transportIncludes rugged tripod stands and stand-transport bags
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