Sabian Artisan Elite Cymbal 22 A2212EN

Sabian Artisan Elite Cymbal 22 In.Sabian Artisan Elite Cymbal 22 In.
The culmination of centuries of progress in the art of cymbal-making, Artisan Elite are truly modern, innovative cymbalsdesigned and handcrafted by the forward-thinking artisans in the SABIAN Vault. Artisan Elite are the dark side of Artisan. The extensive multi-peen hammering brings tone that is undoubtedly lower-pitched and drier than other Artisan cymbals. The unique lathing and flatter, lower profile bell results in a woody bell tone that is more integrated with the overall sound of the cymbal. The lathing also delivers articulation that gets close to that of a raw cymbal, but allows the cymbal to open up to a degree essentially its a blend of open tone from the lathed with dry articulation from the unlathed. The feel is softer, but just enough to allow the surface to absorb the stick without over-absorbing energy. Artisan Elite also differ from other Artisan cymbals in appearance. With unlathed traces of surface revealing tin oxide and other imperfections, this is a cymbal that will appeal to players who like their cymbals not so shiny and blemish-free. Its a look thats very well-coordinated with the sound. SABIAN Artisan cymbals have always been masterpieces, pushing forward the art of cymbal making while delivering old-world sound. Artisan Elite are the latest cymbals from Sabian to deliver on the Artisan promise.Sizes and PurposeQuantity:1Type:RideSizes (in):MultipleConstructionMaterial:Cast AlloyHammering: HandLathing:PartialCymbal Weight:Medium ThinBell:StandardOtherFinish:MultipleCountry of Origin:CanadaAdded Value:No
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