Ns Design Wav 5 5-String Electric WAV5 -VN-TR

Ns Design Wav 5  5-String Electric Violin Transparent RedNs Design Wav 5 5-String Electric Violin Transparent Red
The NS WAV series electric violin provides an affordable option for the serious professional and student player. The WAV Violin is passive and so does not require a battery.The WAV 5 is a five-string version of the popular NS WAV series electric violin. Building on the same world-class design and workmanship of the original 4-string WAV, the WAV5 brings the extended range of the five-string violin to market at an affordable price. Since its introduction two years ago, violinists of all abilities have hailed the NS WAV series as one of the most responsive, playable violins in its class. The WAV5Ã?²s carved maple body keeps its center of gravity close to the player’ torso, giving perfect balance and maximum control. The adjustable shoulder rest molds to fit the contours of the shoulder for optimum grip and comfort. Fitted with the optional Balanced Shoulder Rest, the WAV5 rides almost weightlessly on a counter-weighted arm, freeing the musician’ upper body and providing sure-footed support for even the most high-impact playing.The WAV5Ã?²s streamlined neck and fingerboard enable blindingly fast fingering while preserving traditional reference points at the scroll and the upper bout. By raising or lowering the adjustable rock maple bridge, players can set the strings to the height they desirehigh action like a classical violin or lower fiddle-style action for effortless, quick response. The tail-mounted tuners allow for precise adjustments and offer set it and forget itÃ?ÂÂ? stability unmatched by traditional tuning pegs.The WAV5 matches its thoroughbred performance with exquisite sound quality. Built around NS Design’ Polar pickup system, the WAV5 delivers a nearly flawless signal that raises the bar for clarity and natural tone. The instrument sounds good on everything from small guitar amplifiers to full-blown sound systems and has enough power to drive almost any preamp. The passive pickup system does not require a battery, making5-string Electric Violin Carved maple body Adjustable shoulder rest Streamlined neck and fingerboard Rock maple bridge Tail-mounted tuners NS Design’ Polar passive pickup system
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