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Mackie Hd1801 Powered SubwooferMackie Hd1801 Powered Subwoofer
The Mackie 1600W HD1801 18 powered subwoofer is an excellent companion to the HD Series full-range loudspeakers, creating an immensely powerful and truly high-definition PA system that you can actually transport from gig to gig. Class-D Fast Recovery amplification makes the HD1801 ultra-efficient, effortlessly delivering massive power to the 18 driver that’s custom-designed to handle the job. Expertly tweaked tuning filters, internal crossovers, and protection circuitry are designed by EAW for the ultimate in professional performance. Take your Mackie HD (or any other) full-range system to the next level with the Mackie HD1801 Powered Subwoofer.A Massive System in a SnapPair HD1801 subwoofers with HD1531 full-range loudspeakers for an excellent portable, high-definition PA system. The precision-tuned HD1801 is the perfect match for the HD1531, with a high-pass output specifically designed to alleviate the power-hungry low frequencies from getting to your top boxes, allowing them to do what they do best. This powerful HD system features tons of protective circuitry like peak and RMS limiting and over-excursion/thermal protection to keep the sound pumping at all costs.Power and AgilityThe HD1801 powered subwoofer delivers 1600 watts of peak power using Mackie’s Class-D Fast Recovery amplification. Class-D amps allow for extremely high-output in a design that is much lighter than traditional amplifiers. It’s also really compact, which means you might even be able to carry it all by yourself. Plus, our Fast Recovery design allows the amplifier to recover more quickly when pushed into clipping. This means less distortion when things get too loud.Tweaked and TunedMackie has once again called on the sonic geniuses over at EAW to make the HD1801 the most punchy, chest-pounding subwoofer in its class. The ported, direct-radiating design means super-low frequency extension that i1600W of ultra-efficient Class-D Fast Recovery amplification800W RMS / 1600W peak power133 dB SPL max output (peak @ 1m)35 Hz to 145 Hz operating range18 high-output woofer with 4 voice coilActive electronics provide complete system optimizationSymmetrical Linkwitz-Riley crossover (100Hz, 24dB/octave)Precision tuning filters for ultra-accurate bass reproductionPhase alignment to perfectly complement Mackie full-range HD loudspeakersPorted, direct-radiating design for maximum punch and low-frequency extensionDesigned and tuned by Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW)Dual XLR inputs, full-range and high-pass outputs for mono or stereo setupsLevel control and polarity invert switch with LED indicatorSignal/limit and thermal LED indicatorsIntegrated protection and limiting circuitryRugged all-wood cabinet (15mm birch plywood)Pole mount receptacle for mounting full range speaker12 integrated M10 flypointsComp
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