Lyons Diatonic Bass Xylophone With KIT – 585526

Lyons Diatonic Bass Xylophone With MalletsLyons Diatonic Bass Xylophone With Mallets
Lyons xylophones feature rosewood tone bars with one-pin mounting, and natural-finish solid wood boxes with all-glued construction for increased resonance and a rich, full sound. Each bar has a note name stamped at the top for easy identification. All diatonic units include two F# and one Bb bar to allow your students to play in various keys. Mallets Included.The note range for this instrument is C3 A4 and includes Add-on bars F#3, Bb3, and F#4. This allows the key signatures of C, F, and G major to be performed.One-pin MountingAll-Glue ConstructionNote Stamped BarsAdditional F# and Bb BarsIncludes Mallets
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