Line 6 Variax Jtv-69S Electric Guitar 99-630-0205

Line 6 Variax Jtv-69S Electric Guitar With Single Coil Pickups Olympic White Rosewood FingerboardLine 6 Variax Jtv-69S Electric Guitar With Single Coil Pickups Olympic White Rosewood Fingerboard
The Variax JTV-69S Electric Guitar w/ Single Coil Pickups is now available with all single-coil pickups and offers an innovative design and boutique playing experience courtesy of master luthier James Tyler, and the world’s most advanced guitar modeling technology from the people who invented it, Line 6. Plug this guitar into any amp and hear all the models, all the tunings, and both acoustic and electric tones you’ve ever wanted. No more dragging around multiple acoustics and electrics to gigs or recording studios. Variax gives you an endless variety of sounds from classic acoustic and electric tones all the way to sitar and banjo, all in one instrument.The JTV-69 features a beautiful flamed maple top, alder back, and a bolt-on maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard. A recessed heel makes reaching the upper frets a breeze. The JTV-69 is loaded with three single-coil pickups designed by James Tyler. Controls include a 5-way blade pickup selector switch, a master volume & tones. A rotary model selector dials the 25 virtual guitars plus sitar, banjo, and resonator guitar tones. A rotary alt tuning selector lets you pick from 12 alternate tunings. Comes standard with a durable, padded gig bag with a stitched Line 6 logo and 2 pockets big enough for all your gig essentials.Redesigned tremolo bridgeThe JTV-69 has a redesigned tremolo bridge that offers improved tone and tuning stability. This design lets the string go into the bridge through the front of the tremolo, which brings the ball end as close to the saddle as possible, instead of stringing it through the tremolo block. This also makes restringing much easier. The knife edges and tremolo pivot posts were designed to provide nearly zero resistance. This, in conjunction with locking tuners gives this standard tremolo bridge much more tuning stability. A Graph Tech Black TUSQ XL nut keeps the strings from gripping and sticking. James Tyler Custom tremolo bridge is also fIncludes Workbench USB adapter, Li-Ion battery, switching power supply, and padded gig bagVariax models based on:1960 Fender Telecaster Custom1968 Fender Telecaster1968 Fender Telecaster Thinline1959 Fender Stratocaster1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard1952 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop1961 Gibson Les Paul Custom (3 PU)1956 Gibson Les Paul Junior1976 Gibson Firebird V1955 Gibson Les Paul Special1959 Gretsch 61201956 Gretsch Silver Jet1968 Rickenbacker 3601966 Rickenbacker 360-121961 Gibson ES-3351967 Epiphone Casino1957 Gibson ES-1751953 Gibson Super 4001959 Martin D-281970 Martin D 12-281967 Martin O-181966 Guild F2121995 Gibson J-2001935 Dobro AlumiliteDanelectro 3021Coral Dano Electric SitarGibson Mastertone Banjo1928 National Style 2 TriconeAlternate tunings for JTV-69S:MODELSTANDARD: E A D G B EDROP D: D A D G B
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