La Patrie Presentation Classical Guitar 388

La Patrie Presentation Classical Guitar NaturalLa Patrie Presentation Classical Guitar Natural
The Presentation Classical Guitar from La Patrie has a solid cedar top and solid rosewood back and sides. Also features mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard, rosewood bridge with compensated saddle, gold lyra style tuners with pearloid buttons, and a semi-gloss satin finish. A solid cedar top and semi-gloss lacquer finish round out the Presentation guitar package. 800 Year Old Trees All LaPatrie guitars feature solid cedar tops. The wood used in these tops can be found only in cedar trees that have an average age of about 800 years. The tight, straight grain in this wood makes it strong in the direction of the string tension while at the same time flexible across the grain lines. It is this combination of rigidity and flexibility that give the top its resonance. The vibration of the guitar top is the most crucial element of the sound.Lacquer Finish LaPatrie guitars are finished with a special lacquer formula. This finish is light enough to allow the wood to breath and vibrate freely. The tops resonating capacity actually improves as the guitar is played over an extended period of time. This gradual improvement in the response of the top is often referred to as aging. Poly finishes inhibit top vibration and are therefore never used on LaPatrie guitars. Many other guitars use a thick plastic finish that smothers top vibration and prevents the benefits of aging.Classics that are comfortable to playClassical guitars of the past have typically been made with thick neck dimensions, while this promoted a certain amount of neck stability, it often made certain playing aspects difficult to execute. It is for this reason that special attention was directed to the neck design of the LaPatrie guitars. Neck width and string spacing conform to classical standards, but a new truss rod system allows the profile of the neck to be reduced producing a neck of extraordinary comfort, whiSolid Cedar topSolid Rosewood back & sidesMahogany neckRosewood fingerboardNut width: 2Rosewood bridge with compensated saddleTusq nut & saddle by GraphtechScale Length: 25-1/2Tuners: Gold lyra style with pearloid buttonsSatin finishCase sold separately
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