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Korg Microkorg-S Synthesizer/Vocoder With Built-In Speaker SystemKorg Microkorg-S Synthesizer/Vocoder With Built-In Speaker System
The microKORG-S analog modeling synthesizer was an instant success when it was released in 2002. Since then, it has found its way into the hands of musicians all over the world. There is a line between fixing what isnt broken and improving on a great design, and the engineers at Korg hold the MicroKORG in such reverence that its update and rejuvenation was a high-priority project. The chief goal was to ensure that the MicroKORG-S would remain one of the worlds most beloved synthesizers for years to come.The Speaker SystemThe new microKORG-S features a built-in 2+1 speaker system with power that belies its size. Its chassis displays an elegant white motif, and the instrument itself features new presets that represent the sounds of a new generation. Inside the compact chassis of the microKORG-S is a sound system consisting of stereo speakers with clear imaging along with a woofer that emanates a startling amount of low frequency. One of the universal attractions of analog synthesis is a thundering bass, so Korg had to make sure a solid bass speaker was included in the design. The chassis uses a new box structure, and the combination of box volume and a bass reflex port deliver a rich sense of volume, low end and physical space that exceeds the expectations of the speakers. The built-in speakers allow a full-fledged performance experience in an environment where there is no PA. It can run on batteries so you dont even need a power supply.Increased Memory, New ProgramsThe memory capacity has been increased from the original microKORG-S. Mainly centered on simple and present sounds that shine on stage, Korg has added 64 preset programs that meet the needs of the contemporary musician, including clearly defined and punchy leads, electric pianos that sound great in an ensemble and powerful, solid basses. In addition, we’ve also newly provided 64 additional slots for user programs, so you can save your oSound Generation: Analog Modeling Synthesis Synthesizer Programs: Multi Timbres: 2 (max, Split/Dual Mode)Maximum Polyphony: 4 voicesStructure: 2 Oscillator + Noise Generator Multi Mode Filter (-24dB/oct LPF, -12dB/oct LPF/BPF/HPF) EG x2 LFO x2 Virtual Patch x4Vocoder Programs:Maximum Polyphony: 4 voicesStructure: 1 Oscillator + Noise Generator EG x1 LFO x2 8 Channels vocoder Level and pan of each channel can be edited Formant Shift functionPrograms: 256 programs (192 Presets / 64 Users)Up to eight favorite programs can be registeredEffects: Modulation effects: flanger / chorus, phaser, ensemble (3 types)Delay: stereo, cross, L/R (3 types)/ EqualizerArpeggiator: 6 types (UP, DOWN, ALT1/2,
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