Denon Envoi Portable Ac/Battery Powered ENVOI

Denon Envoi Portable Ac/Battery Powered Pa SystemDenon Envoi Portable Ac/Battery Powered Pa System
Envoi is a compact, easily-transportable AC/battery-powered PA system that solves the dilemma of how to deliver true professional-grade sound reinforcement to an outdoor event or large interior space when there is no access to AC power.Multi-Mission CapableEnvoi can operate for up to 12 hours off its built-in rechargeable battery, which provides a cord-free power supply for its powerful internal Class D amplifier. The amplifier drives a high-output 10-inch 2-way speaker system in a compact, lightweight enclosure. Envoi can also be plugged into an AC outlet. This means that Envoi goes wherever you have the need for clear, punchy high-fidelity sound: outdoor weddings and business meetings, backyard barbecues, award/graduation ceremonies, singers/small musical ensembles, etc. Whether AC power is available or not, its no problem with Envoi.Envoi is ideal for spoken presentations and vocal musical performances. Thats why there’s a high-quality, 16-channel UHF wireless microphone with automatic tracking/tuning included to ensure a dropout-free connection.Envoi also streams music wirelessly from any BluetoothÃ?®-enabled device, plus with its TRS Aux output, you can daisy-chain as many additional Envoi speakers as needed to cover any size area with great sound. Envoi is a complete package, ready to fulfill any sound-reinforcement task you put in front of it.High Performance and Connection Flexibility in a Compact PackageEnvoi not only performs any mission you need, it does it with true high-fidelity performance, ensuring great sound at all times. With a powerful, long-excursion 10 woofer and 1 high-frequency compression driver, Envoi easily covers the full musical range, from 5520kHz. Plus, it offers 2-band bass/treble EQ, with a Ã?±12dB range and reverb effect with trim adjustment knob.It has all the connection flexibility youll need for almost any situation, including Mic 1&2 combo inp2-way active speaker (10 low-frequency driver, 1 high-frequency driver)Built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 12 hours of cordless soundIncludes 16-channel UHF wireless microphone with automatic tuning with batteriesBluetooth connection for wireless audio streamingBuilt-in USB/SD (MP3/WMA) player for unattended playbackPole-mount socket, telescoping handle and transport wheels built in2-band EQ and reverb effectMic 1&2 combo inputs with Mic/Line level selector switch1/4 aux input connectorBuilt-in storage holds 2 microphones and accessories
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