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Waldorf Blofeld Desktop Synth Module Blofield

Waldorf Blofeld Desktop Synth Module CreamWaldorf Blofeld Desktop Synth Module Cream
Blofeld is a desktop synthesizer module featuring Waldorf’s legendary Analog Modeling Technology. This generation of modeling is improved in many facets and allows an even more authentic emulation of the analog circuitry it’s based on.Simply twisting Blofeld’s solid aluminum knobs dials you right into the heart of sound. A clearly laid out control matrix allows you instant access to all key parameters. And a jumbo paper-white display lets you navigate easily and confidently through sounds and less frequently used settings.All this comes in a high-quality desktop enclosure loaded with 1000 fully editable Waldorf sounds. The Blofeld synth connects to your computer through for your sound editing and management convenience. What’s more, you can load and play Micro Q sounds without any compromises in audio quality.You also get Spectre, a free tool for creating and transferring sample content for Waldorf Blofeld Module with License SL upgrade installed and Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard (License SL not required for Keyboard). This is NOT a patch editor. Downloand the PC or Mac version and manual here: http://www.waldorfmusic.de/en/archive?relPath=blofeld/spectre.GeneralUp to 50 voices16 part multi timbral1000 sounds100 multi programs7 endless dials5 buttonsGraphical displayStereo outputHeadphone outputMidi inUsb 2.0External power supplyPer voice 3 main oscillatorsPulse with pulse width modulationSawtoothTriangleSineWavetablesFrequency modulation between the oscillatorsOscillator synchronizationNoise generatorRing modulator2 independent multi mode filtersLow pass 24 db / 12 dbBand pass 24 db / 12 dbHigh pass 24 db / 12 dbNotch 24 db / 12 dbPPG filter 24 dbComb filter positive / negative feedbackCascade filter 24 db / 18 db / 12 db / 6 dbModulation matrix with 16 slots, freely programmableVarious pre-routed modulation destinations with selectable sourcesModulation speed far into audio range4 modifiers with various algorithms3 fast lfos (> 2500 hz)4 envelopesDifferent trigger modes per envelopePoly, mono, dual or unison mode with selectable voice countHMT for realtime just-intonationPer partArpeggiator with user pattern, freely programmable including accent, position,length, glide, chords, random notes, etc.Highquality effects include:ChorusFlangerPhaserDistortionRing modulationStereo delayTap delayVocoderReverb
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Waldorf Kb37 Eurorack WDF-KB37-1

Waldorf Kb37 Eurorack KeyboardWaldorf Kb37 Eurorack Keyboard
More and more synthesizer enthusiasts recognize the Eurorack as a huge playground for sound design. Collecting sound modules is like a fun addiction where the musician can precisely customize his setup as he goes along without spending a huge amount of money all at once. Its a system that can grow over time into a massively versatile and totally flexible musical instrument.Waldorf developers came up with a keyboard that is both intuitive for the beginner and versatile for the professional. And its just as solid and elegant as all their instruments they build at Waldorf in Germany. kb37 is a compact and rugged performance instrument. It can house up to 107 HP of modules in its conveniently angled panel that sits right on top of the super high-quality Fatar TP9 keyboard. With its high-resolution and temperature stable 16-bit CV interface, it provides extremely flexible control for your modules. MIDI channels are programmable, making the kb37 the perfect partner for both studio and stage.It provides perfect connectivity to all your modules to serve both the player and the sound designers desires with an array of real-time control elements such as pitch and mod wheels. The professional, full-sized 37-note keybed transmits velocity and aftertouch.Keyboard and ControllersFatar TP9 37-keys keyboard with aftertouchPitchbend wheelModulation wheelGlideSelectable note priorityOctave up/down switchGate retriggerModule SectionWidth: 545mm, 107 HPEurorack compatible busBus CV & Gate linkable to CV interface via jumpersBuilt-in regulated power-supply (+12V/-12V, 1.5A)CV Interface8 CV outputsPitchVelocityAftertouchPitchbendModwheel3 user-assignable MIDI controllers3 Trigger outputsGateClock & Reset outputs for MIDI sync
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