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Summit Audio 2Ba-221 Tube Mic And Line 2BA-221

Summit Audio 2Ba-221 Tube Mic And Line ModuleSummit Audio 2Ba-221 Tube Mic And Line Module
The variable-impedence Summit Audio 2BA-221 Tube Mic and Line Module is a microphone preamp that has individual controls to mix mic with Hi-Z or line inputs for variable vacuum tube output. You can mix them together through 12AX7A/ECC83 tube output or separately through individual solid state outputs. A stackable input design allows multiple 2BA-221s to be linked for a modular mixing device with individual outs, inserts per channel, and a final vacuum tube gain stage. Its swept high-pass filter, multiple simultaneous tube and solid state outputs, insert jack, and internal power supply makes the 2BA-221 a powerful tracking and mixing tool.Variable mic input impedance from 100 ohms to 10K ohmsVariable high-pass filterHi-Z instrument, line, and mic level inputsHi-Z input and mic input available simultaneously with separate gain controlsSeparate solid state and tube outputsInsert jackStackable with more 2BA-221s1/2 rack size3 year warrantyXLR and 1/4 I/O3 variable, independent gain stages
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