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Studiologic Mp-113 Dynamic Midi Foot MP-113

Studiologic Mp-113 Dynamic Midi Foot Controller Pedal BoardStudiologic Mp-113 Dynamic Midi Foot Controller Pedal Board
The Studiologic MP-113 is a 13-note pedal board that lets you control any MIDI keyboard or module with your feet. It’s also great as an onstage lighting controller or for driving an arranger module or keyboard while freeing up your hands for other tasks.The MP-113 MIDI foot controller features 13 velocity-sensitive pedals with full wood tips for a professional look. It offers full professional control over Program, Bank, Channel, and Transposition.13 velocity-sensitive pedalsFull wood tips offer a professional lookFull control over Program, Bank, Channel, and Transposition
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Studiologic Sledge 2.0 Polyphonic AMS-SLEDGE-2

Studiologic Sledge 2.0 Polyphonic SynthesizerStudiologic Sledge 2.0 Polyphonic Synthesizer
If the look doesnt stop you in your tracks, the sound will. The Studiologic Sledge 2.0 is a welcomed update to the original version, blending an intoxicating mix of pure synthesized tones with organic sound sampling. With double the polyphony, Sledge 2.0 give you up to 24 voices that can be played simultaneously for even greater control and completely new sound combinations. In addition to its incredible sound engine and user-friendly control panel, Sledge 2.0 further expands the instrument’ power and versatility. Studiologic and Waldorf Labs teamed up to make Sledge 2.0 more flexible as a pure synthesizer, adding the ability to play in Dual Mode two programs at the same time, load samples and mix post processing effects for an endless array of sonic creativity.Auto Dual mode: Sledge 2.0 can now play two sounds at the same time, in Split or Layer mode; the feature is controlled by a new page of the Global function and allows to simply keep one note (for Split) or more notes (for Layer) and then select a new sound, that will be added to the previous sound; as any other sound, also Dual Sound combinations can be permanently stored in any of the 1.000 available presets;Sample Player: sound samples and new waves can be loaded in the internal 60 megabyte of Flash memory, played by OSC 1 and modifiable by all parameters of the control panel, adding other oscillators, setting filters, envelopes and effects. This feature can constantly expands the instrument’ sounds and create a totally new combination of synthesis and sampling.Pitch & Hold controls: a new Global page allows to enable the Pitch and the Hold separately for the Lower and Upper sounds in Dual Mode, allowing to use the Pitch bend on the Upper sound (i.e. for solo parts) and the Hold pedal to control only the Lower (to keep playing a Drums groove or as a Damper for a Piano sound) and vice versa, or to enable Pitch Bend and Hold on both Upper and Lower sounds;Reverb+De61 key polyphonic synthesizer with AftertouchEnhanced polyphony, up to 24 voicesSplit or Layer mode, play two sounds at the same timeLoad up to 60MB of sound samples in the internal Flash memoryUp to 999 programmable SoundsFast and efficient sound selection via numeric keypadEnable Pitch and the Hold separately for the Lower and Upper soundsEnhanced Reverb and Delay effects with blend controlUSB compatibility, design sounds on the computer and load into Sledge 2.0
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