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Simmons Sd500 5-Piece Electronic Drum SD500

Simmons Sd500 5-Piece Electronic Drum SetSimmons Sd500 5-Piece Electronic Drum Set
The Simmons SD500KIT full-sized 5-piece electronic drum kit includes four drum pads, three cymbal pads, hi-hat controller and an integrated kick pad/pedal, creating an ultra-realistic drum configuration. With features normally reserved for much more expensive kits, the SD500KIT is outstanding for gigging, practicing, recording and learning.Updated 500 Series pads provide advanced functionality: dual-zone snare pad, crash cymbal pad with choke, plus a no-slip grip on the kick pedal and hi-hat controller. The SD500 Module offers 352 awesome drum sounds across 35 drum kits making this kit ideal for virtually any musical genre from jazz to pop; from blues to rock and beyond. If you’re looking for power, versatility and value Ã?¦ the Simmons SD500KIT is your electronic drum set.ConfigurationTom pad(s): 3Cymbal pad(s): 3Snare pad: 1Kickpad: YesTotal drum pads: 5Country of origin: ChinaModuleDisplay type: LCDDrum kits: 35Sounds: 352Songs: 60Trigger inputs: 12Line input: YesHeadphone jack: YesUSB: YesMP3: YesMIDI: YesTraining functions: YesClick: NoMemory: 64MBPadsPad material: RubberHoop material: PlasticZones: MultipleTom pad size: 8Snare pad size: 9HardwareRack material: SteelHardware pieces: 3Kick pedal: YesThrone: No
Drums & Percussion, Electronic Drums, Electronic Drum Sets Simmons J08759 SD500
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Simmons Sd1000 5-Piece Electronic Drum SD1000KIT

Simmons Sd1000 5-Piece Electronic Drum SetSimmons Sd1000 5-Piece Electronic Drum Set
The Simmons SD1000 is a 5-piece electronic drum kit that appeals to the senses of the seasoned drummer, while appealing to the budget of the working or hobbyist musician. The setup is powered by the SD1000 Sound Module, which features 99 drum kits (55 preset, 44 user), 516 voices, 210 songs and a large collection of classic sounds. The module is also loaded with rehearsal tools like a programmable metronome, an auxiliary input (for MP3 or otherwise), 10 trigger inputs and a headphone output for quiet rehearsal.The pads offer a sensitive and authentic feel while V.A.R. (Variable Attack Response) provides realistic response by triggering different samples for different velocities and drum rolls. Variable Attack Response combines more internal memory and intelligent sample triggering across 4 different velocity zones for each trigger input. The result is natural dynamics, smooth decay times which eliminates artificial-sounding machine gun playback or ghost notes when playing rolls. Additionally, the multi-position hi-hat foot controller produces different responses for open, closed or half-open positions.The Simmons SD1000KIT features all-new Simmons components: SD1000 sound module, eight S1000 Series pads, new multi-position hi-hat controller, and a sharp looking, anodized-blue aluminum rack. If a big kit is your style, this e-kit is compatible with all S1000 single or multi-zone pads.SD1000 Sound Module with 99 drum kits, 516 voices, 210 presets and 100 user songsAdvanced V.A.R. technology for authentic responseExpanded sample ROMS1000 series padsMulti-position hi-hat foot controllerProgrammable sequencer with a 7-track capacityMP3, USB and MIDI connectivity128MB of memorySD Card for external storage
Drums & Percussion, Electronic Drums, Electronic Drum Sets Simmons H90196 SD1000KIT
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