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Roland Jc-40 40W 2X10 Jazz Chorus JC-40

Roland Jc-40 40W 2X10 Jazz Chorus Guitar Combo AmpRoland Jc-40 40W 2X10 Jazz Chorus Guitar Combo Amp
The JC-40 Jazz Chorus delivers Roland’ renowned JC clean tone and signature stereo chorus effect in a compact combo amp with evolved features for the modern guitarist. Like the flagship JC-120 amp that it’s based on, the JC-40 offers a classic stereo clean sound that’ a perfect palette for tone shaping with stompbox effects. Now, there’s also a true stereo input for enhanced performance with stereo effects pedals, guitar synths, amp modeling gear, and multi-effects. In addition, the JC-40’s onboard effects include newly added features and updated sounds to support the needs of today’ players.JC Clean: The Benchmark in Clean Guitar ToneFor 40 years, players around the world have revered the iconic clean voice and huge stereo sound of the JC-120 Jazz Chorus amplifier. With the JC-40, you can now enjoy the genuine industry-standard tone in a scaled-down amp with innovative modern refinements. Two independent power amps and custom-designed 10 speakers deliver punchy stereo sound that won’t get buried in the band, while durable, road-tough construction ensures years of reliable operation on stage and in the studio.Famous Stereo Chorus and Other EffectsBeyond its stellar clean tone, the JC-40 includes onboard effects, all newly refreshed for enhanced performance. The trademark Dimensional Space Chorus stereo effect fills the stage with immersive 3D sound, and now offers selectable fixed or manual modes for increased tonal range. Renewed vibrato and reverb effects are on hand, and both operate in stereo for rich, deep performance. There’s built-in distortion as well, updated with a smooth, satisfying tone that’ great for all types of music.Stereo Input for Multi-Effects, Modelers, and SynthsWith its front-panel stereo input, the JC-40 allows players who use stereo effects devices to achieve wide, inspiring sound without having to carry around two separate amps. The amp’ richPower: 40W (solid state)Speakers: 2×10 in. (stereo)Controls: 3-band EQ, reverb, speed, depth, bright, volume, vib/chorus, FX loop switchStereo input enables players to get true stereo sound with modelers and stereo effects pedalsBuilt-in vibrato, distortion, and reverb effectsFootswitch jacks for turning onboard effects on/off while performingStereo effects loop for connecting external effectsDimensions: 23.4 in. x 17.3 in. x 9.9 in.Weight: 34.8 lb.
Amplifiers & Effects, Amplifiers, Guitar Amplifiers, Combo Guitar Amplifiers, Solid State Combo Guitar Amplifiers Roland J24857 JC-40
Roland, Solid State Combo Guitar Amplifiers

Roland Bk-3 Backing Keyboard BK-3-WH

Roland Bk-3 Backing Keyboard WhiteRoland Bk-3 Backing Keyboard White
Perfect for solo entertainers and home hobbyists alike, the BK-3 Backing Keyboard brings a new level of performance to entry-level auto-accompaniment instruments. Featuring a wide range of quality onboard sounds and rhythms, song playback via USB memory, built-in speakers, and more, this portable, self-contained keyboard puts the power of a full ensemble under your fingertips. From one-person shows to social gatherings to personal practice, the BK-3 brings endless hours enjoyment for playing all musical styles. Available in black or white.WIDE RANGE OF SOUNDS AND RHYTHMS ONBOARDThe BK-3 is filled with sounds and rhythms covering an extensive range of music genres from around the world, including Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia. There are over 850 tones and 50 drum kits built in, providing a universe of voices for melody playing and accompaniment. Compatibility with GM2, GS, and XG Lite formats ensures high-quality playback with Standard MIDI Files.PLAY BACKING TRACKS AND RHYTHMS VIA USB MEMORYThe BK-3 can play a variety of external backing formats from optional USB memory, including WAV and MP3 audio, SMF, and Roland rhythms (BK, E, G, and VA series). Playback tempo and song key can easily be adjusted to suit your vocal range or performing needs, even with audio files. In addition, a Center Cancel function reduces the volume of vocals in commercial WAV/MP3 songs, ideal for karaoke singing and minus-one playing.EASY AUDIO RECORDINGA dedicated front-panel button makes it simple to record audio directly to USB memory, allowing you to capture full-ensemble BK-3 performances any time you wish for self-evaluation and sharing with friends and family. Your recordings are saved as CD-quality WAV data, making it easy to transfer them to your computer for burning audio CDs.ROLAND WIRELESS CONNECT FOR IPHONE AND IPADCompatibility with Roland Wireless Connect allows BK-3 players to communicate with an Apple iPhoPortable, self-contained keyboard with built-in sound systemHigh-quality sounds, rhythms, and Music AssistantsComfortable, intuitive user interfaceCompatible with music rhythms from Roland’s BK, E, G, and VA seriesPlay a variety of backing formats (SMF, MP3, WAV, and rhythms) and record performances with optional USB memoryRoland Wireless Connect capability for cable-free communication with iPhone and iPad; free iOS apps available for music sharing, lyrics display, and moreAvailable in black or white finish
Keyboards & MIDI, Portable & Arranger Keyboards, Arranger Keyboards Roland H93001.001 BK-3-WH
Roland, Arranger Keyboards

Roland V-Drums Td-4Kp Portable TD-4-KP

Roland V-Drums Td-4Kp Portable Electronic Drum SetRoland V-Drums Td-4Kp Portable Electronic Drum Set
A compact e-kit designed for mobility. With a small footprint and a folding design, the Roland TD-4KP e-kit sets the benchmark for fast breakdown and easy transport/storage.The powerful TD-4 sound module is equipped with a wide range of expressive, editable sounds and essential practice features, while the integrated pads provide a satisfying feel and natural playability. Perfect for small venues, rehearsals, lesson studios, bedrooms, apartments, and more, the TD-4KP combines V-Drums performance and features with impressive mobility and stow-away convenience.Renowned V-Drums sound and quality in an ultra-portable mobile kitFolding design for quick breakdown and easy transport/storageIncludes TD-4 Percussion Sound Module, loaded with expressive sounds, Coach and Quick Record/Play functions, and moreEight pads total: kick, snare, toms x3, hi-hat, crash and ride cymbals; FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller includedSnare and tom pads feature cushioned-rubber surfaces for natural feel
Drums & Percussion, Electronic Drums, Electronic Drum Sets Roland H95651 TD-4-KP
Roland, Electronic Drum Sets

Used Roland Fp-50 Digital Piano Black USED005012 FP-50-BK

Used Roland Fp-50 Digital Piano Black 888365676869Used Roland Fp-50 Digital Piano Black 888365676869
Travel-friendly and affordable, the FP-50 brings you top-class piano performance along with many other great features to enhance your playing enjoyment. At your fingers is the authentic tone and touch of an acoustic grand, plus a large selection of versatile sounds for performing in a variety of situations. The intelligent rhythm feature makes it simple to create incredible music, providing dynamic, sophisticated accompaniments that automatically follow your performances in real time. And with its compact, stylish design and built-in speaker system, the FP-50 is always ready to go wherever you want to play.A NEW LEVEL OF PIANO PERFORMANCE AT HOMEThe FP-50’s authentic piano sound and touch provides top-level performance for playing all musical genres, from classical and jazz to rock and pop. Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine faithfully replicates the unmatched tone color and expressiveness of the finest acoustic grand pianos, delivering seamless velocity response, natural tone decay, and authentic key-range behavior. Supreme playability comes from the Ivory Feel-G Keyboard with Escapement, which inherits the functions, appearance, and texture of keyboards found in our flagship pianos. At an affordable price, the stylish FP-50 offers sound, touch, and expressiveness rivaling that of high-end instruments.VERSATILE FEATURES AND EASY MOBILITY FOR LIVE PLAYERSStreamlined and compact, the FP-50 is easy to transport anywhere. In addition to premium acoustic pianos, it’s filled with a large selection of stage-ready sounds, including SuperNATURAL-based classic EPs, essential organ tones, strings, modern synths, and more. Stereo outputs let you connect to an external amplification system, while the built-in speakers help you monitor your performance while on stage. The intelligent rhythm feature gives you control of an entire onboard backing band for solo performing, with automatic accompaniment that follows whatever you play on the keyboard.DIGITAL ADVANTAGES FOR DEVELOPING PIANO SKILLSThe FP-50’s digital technology offers many great benefits that enhance your piano practice sessions. You can turn off the built-in speakers and play privately using headphones, allowing you to practice day or night without disturbing family members or neighbors. Rhythm accompaniments assist you in developing timing and groove, and the wide selection of music styles help expand your versatility. Via optional USB memory, you can play along with WAV audio files using various playback options such as key transposition, tempo adjustment, and Center Cancel, and record your performances as audio data for composing or self-evaluation. SMF songs can be played from USB memory as well.FUN AIR PERFORMER APP FOR IOS DEVICESExtend your piano enjoyment with Roland Wireless Connect and the free Air Performer app, which lets you play along with your favorite songs in your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch throug
Keyboards & MIDI, Pianos, Digital Pianos, Home Digital Pianos Roland H96623M.001.012 USED005012 FP-50-BK
Roland, Home Digital Pianos

Used Roland Fp-30 Digital Piano Black USED005009 FP-30-BK

Used Roland Fp-30 Digital Piano Black 190839057365Used Roland Fp-30 Digital Piano Black 190839057365
Compact size, high-end Roland piano performance If youve dreamed of having a piano in your home but dont have the space or budget for a full-sized instrument, your wait is over. The affordable FP-30 offers Rolands acclaimed sound, feel, and modern features in a top-quality 88-note instrument that fits most home living spaces with ease. Lightweight and portable, its a great fit for performing players and music classrooms as well. Adding in numerous sounds beyond the piano, built-in practice and recording functions, and Bluetooth�® wireless support for working with popular music apps, the FP-30 delivers a premium musical experience previously unattainable in such a streamlined package. The FP-30s exceptional performance, and unrivaled sound and feel deliver an authentic piano experience for maximum expression, providing a solid foundation for proper learning and the detailed articulation and response that experienced players demand. Supporting the FP-30s advanced SuperNATURAL Piano engine is a powerful onboard sound system, along with a newly developed keyboard that inherits the touch, escapement, and Ivory Feel keys found in our high-end home pianos. Powerful Digital Advantages for Learning, Creativity, and Enjoyment Thanks to its modern digital engine, the FP-30 goes far beyond any acoustic piano, bringing more fun and productivity to your playing sessions. Non-piano sounds like organs, strings, and voices let you enjoy all types of music styles, and a variety of drum patterns are on board to back you up. Its even possible to layer two sounds together or play different sounds with each hand. Bluetooth wireless is built in for working with MIDI music apps on mobile devices, while USB support enables you to play along with favorite tunes and save SMF songs captured with the FP-30s recorder. Twin Piano mode is perfect for private lessons, allowing student and teacher to play side by side in the same octave ranges. And by plugging in headphones, you can get lost in musical journeys day or night without disturbing housemates or neighbors. Highly Portable for Life on the Move Available in white or black, the FP-30 offers a sleek, elegant look thats a welcome addition to any room. The light, compact design fits in tight living spaces and is easy to move when needed. Its great beyond the home as well, giving performers and music educators a pro-level instrument thats incredibly mobileRich, responsive tone from Rolands renowned SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine 88-note PHA-4 Standard keyboard provides authentic piano touch for maximum expression Powerful amplifier and stereo speakers deliver impressive sound Headphones output and quiet keyboard action allow you to enjoy playing at any time without disturbing others Compact and lightweigh
Keyboards & MIDI, Pianos, Digital Pianos, Home Digital Pianos Roland J32129M.001.009 USED005009 FP-30-BK
Roland, Home Digital Pianos

Roland Gr-55 Guitar Synthesizer Black GR-55GK-BK

Roland Gr-55 Guitar Synthesizer Black With Gk-3 Divided PickupRoland Gr-55 Guitar Synthesizer Black With Gk-3 Divided Pickup
Roland’s GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer is a revolutionary new product combining PCM synthesis with digital instrument modeling derived from the respected VG-99 V-Guitar System. The GR-55 represents Roland’s latest breakthrough advances in guitar synthesis, offering playability, features, and sound quality that far surpasses the capabilities of previous generations of guitar synthesizers.Driven by Roland’s newest proprietary digital processing technology, the GR-55 delivers lightning-fast tracking performance and previously impossible sound-making capabilities. It features two independent synthesizer sound engines, each loaded with over 900 of Roland’s latest sounds, including pianos, organs, strings, vintage and modern synths, percussion, and many more. A third sound engine is driven by Composite Object Sound Modeling (COSM), the guitar modeling technology behind Roland’s famous VG-99 V-Guitar System. With COSM, the GR-55 can emulate electric and acoustic guitars, basses, and other instruments, as well as guitar and bass amplifiers.The GR-55 allows players to combine all three sound engines, plus their guitar’s normal input, to create any sound from the familiar to the original. An independent multi-effects processor is available for a huge array of tone-shaping options, plus global reverb, chorus, delay effects and EQ to add final sweetening to any sound. The GR-55 puts guitarists instantly in touch with a huge library of amazing sounds, with no editing required. The onboard lineup of ready-to-use presets takes the pain out of the process, from pop to rock and beyond, with quick-access category buttons. Creating and editing sounds is a breeze for guitarists as well, thanks to a large LCD display, simple front panel, and the intuitive EZ Edit and Sound Style features. Also, onboard is a phrase looper that lets players capture on-the-fly recordings with unlimited sound-on-sound style overdubs. The GR-55 also features a USB song playCombines PCM synthesis with COSM modelingLightning-fast tracking performance2 independent synth engines each with over 900 sounds including pianos, organs, strings, vintage and modern synths, percussion, and moreThird sound engine driven by COSM modeling can emulate electric and acoustic guitars, basses, other instruments, and amplifiersAll three sound engines can be combined with dry signalIndependent multi-effects processor adds a huge array of tone-shaping optionsReady-to-use presets and easy editing/saving of your own creationsUSB flash drive input with song player for playing back WAV filesFunctions as an audio/MIDI interface with USB 2.0 connectionEquipped with 13-pin GK interface for GK-compatible pickupsLarge LCD displaySimple front panel and intuitive EZ Edit and Sound Style featuresOnboard phrase looper
Amplifiers & Effects, Effects, Multi Effects Pedals, Floor Guitar Effects Roland H70990.003.064 GR-55GK-BK
Roland, Floor Guitar Effects

Roland Studio-Capture Usb 2.0 Audio UA-1610

Roland Studio-Capture Usb 2.0 Audio InterfaceRoland Studio-Capture Usb 2.0 Audio Interface
With the new STUDIO-CAPTURE, Roland once again raises the performance standard for computer-based audio production. The latest addition to the acclaimed CAPTURE family boasts 12 premium-grade mic preamps, an industry first for a compact USB audio interface. A total of 16 audio inputs, 10 audio outputs, and MIDI I/O offers massive connectivity for pro-level setups, all in a single, tabletop unit that fits easily into a travel bag. Other top-flight features include 24-bit/192 kHz audio quality, comprehensive front-panel metering, XLR monitor outputs with dedicated level control, dual headphone outputs, rock-solid drivers with VS STREAMING technology, and much more. Durable, portable, and ready to take on large-scale recording projects both in the studio and on the road, STUDIO-CAPTURE stands head and shoulders above all other USB audio interfaces on the market.TOP QUALITY FOR MODERN AUDIO PRODUCTIONCombining pro-level audio performance, abundant I/O, and a versatile mobile design, STUDIO-CAPTURE is a powerful solution for today’s musicians, composers, and recording engineers. It delivers quality equivalent to dedicated rackmount audio interfaces costing much more, all in a compact, go-everywhere package that’s equally suited for traveling production, tabletop use in home studios, or permanent installation in commercial studios with the included rack ears. The 16 audio inputs, 12 mic preamps, and flexible monitor mixing allow you to track most bands without adding any additional hardware, or simultaneously connect multiple synthesizers and other devices in large-scale composing setups. To take on really big projects, you can seamlessly expand your I/O to 32 inputs and 24 mic preamps simply by adding a second STUDIO-CAPTURE.12 PREMIUM MIC PREAMPSAmong its many standout features, STUDIO-CAPTURE offers 12 digitally controlled mic preamps (VS PREAMPS), built with premium-grade components for exceptional low-noise performance, hiHigh-performance USB 2.0 audio interface for studio and mobile production16 audio inputs and 10 audio outputs, including 12 premium mic preamps (VS PREAMP)VS STREAMING delivers ultra-stable, low-latency driver performance for Windows and MacAUTO-SENS intelligently sets optimal input levels for all preampsIndividual input/output meters and input channel buttonsFour independent, software-controlled monitor mixesXLR monitor out, direct monitor, and dual headphone outputs with independent front-panel level knobsCoaxial digital I/O; MIDI I/O with FPTExpand your I/O by using two STUDIO-CAPTUREs together, both controlled with a single driver2U rackmount ears included
Pro Audio, Recording Gear, Audio Interfaces Roland H95741 UA-1610
Roland, Audio Interfaces

Roland V-Pad 10 Tom For Td-30Kv Black PD-108-BC

Roland V-Pad 10 Tom For Td-30Kv Black Chrome 10 In. Black ChromeRoland V-Pad 10 Tom For Td-30Kv Black Chrome 10 In. Black Chrome
The PD-108 V-Pad from Roland is a 10 mesh head designed as a tom pad for the TD-30KV electronic drum set. It features dual triggers on the head and rim for enhanced dynamics and rim-shot depth. The drum pad also includes a two-way mount holder that enables vertical or horizontal mounting on a Roland MDS series stand or available pipe tom stand. This tom pad also features an exchangeable black-chrome color shell wrap.Quiet mesh head and rubber coated rimDual triggersDual-mounting options
Drums & Percussion, Electronic Drums, Trigger Pads Roland H80984.001.001 PD-108-BC
Roland, Trigger Pads

Roland Gaia Sh-01 SH-01

Roland Gaia Sh-01 SynthesizerRoland Gaia Sh-01 Synthesizer
The Roland GAIA SH-01 synth offers high-performance value with old-school charm. The Roland SH-01 delivers massive sound, hands-on ease, and an affordable price. The synth’s triple-stacked engine puts potent virtual analog synthesis under your fingertips, yet the control panel is so fun, friendly, and inviting, even first-timers can create great sounds. The Roland synth’s signal flow is simple to grasp, with logically arranged knobs, sliders, and buttons. Hands-on control and fat sound make the little Gaia SH-01 a powerhouse and a joy for music students, songwriters, session players, and live performers of all styles and skill levels.Triple-Fat Virtual Analog Sink your teeth into the new triple-stacked virtual analog engine, comprising 3 complete synths for incredibly thick, powerful sound. Unleash the beef of 3 oscillators that drive a trio of multimode, resonant filters, multi-shape LFOs, and amplifiers, plus 9 envelope generators. The Roland Gaia SH-01 is like having 3 synthesizers in 1! With 64 polyphonic voices onboard, the GAIA SH-01 makes it possible to play massive sounds without experiencing note drop-out.Stackable Effects From the silkiest reverb to the grittiest growl, the Roland SH-01’s instantly selectable multi-effects catapult your sounds into another spatial dimension. You can layer up to 5 simultaneous effects for dozens of variations. Onboard Roland effects include reverb, distortion, fuzz, bit crash, flanger, phaser, pitch shifter, low boost, and delay with panning and tempo sync. Roland eqips the Gaia SH-01 with cdedicated control knobs for tweaking the effects in real time.Portable Power At less than 10 pounds, the Roland GAIA SH-01 is lightweight, compact, and great for musicians on the go. The 37-note keyboard is full-size, however, so performers can play naturally and comfortably. The synth can be powered via AC or batteries* for the ultiHuge sound with 3 virtual analog engines onboard, each with a dedicated oscillator, filter, amplifier, envelope, and LF0Layer up to 5 simultaneous effects, including distortion, flanger, delay, reverb, low boost, and more64-voice polyphony for massive sounds without note drop-outFun, hands-on control panel that’s great for instant gratification, and for learning synthesisLightweight, compact body with 37 full-size keysRuns on AC or battery power for portable convenienceD Beam, arpeggiator, and Phrase Recorder onboardUSB ports for saving user patches to USB flash drives, and for audio/MIDI connection to computers
Keyboards & MIDI, Synthesizers & Sound Modules, Synthesizers Roland 485806 SH-01
Roland, Synthesizers

Roland Aira Mx1 Mix Performer Control MX-1

Roland Aira Mx1 Mix Performer Control SurfaceRoland Aira Mx1 Mix Performer Control Surface
Save BIG when you buy today!18 channel performance mixer with step-sequenced FX, transport, and tempo controlThree kinds of step-sequenced Beat FX (Filter, Side Chain, Slicer) with TR-style buttonsSix kinds of Master FX (48 variations) with large performance control knobBeat FX and Master FX can be applied to any or all inputs; Beat FX are per channelCombi mode rhythmically alternates the Master FX using the step-sequencerFour AIRA Link USB ports support audio, MIDI, sync, and bus power (on Port 3) for AIRA gearMix mode provides six analog, one digital (stereo), four AIRA (stereo) , and two PC channels through mixer and FXExternal mode provides 18 channels from DAW through mixer and FX (all inputs direct to DAW)Control Surface mode for full DAW control via MIDIDJ-style cue monitoring, quick mutes, and six fader curves per channelPer-channel Tone/Filter knob with ten kinds of EQs, filters, and isolatorsTransport and tempo control with fine, shuffle, and tap-tempo functionsInstantly save and recall complete setups including all FX configurations
Keyboards & MIDI, Production & Groove Roland J19801 MX-1
Roland, Production & Groove