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Guardians of Graxia Map Pack

Guardians of Graxia Map PackPetroglyph Games · Guardians of Graxia Map Pack“”
Map Pack 1 includes 10 additional maps in a variety of environments from sunlit days to dark and creepy evenings in the rain. Also added are 5 powerful gameplay units! This is DLC for Guardians of Graxia & requires the full base game to install/play
Downloadable Content Petroglyph Games DD-GOGMP
guardians of graxia map pack, downloadable content

Guardians of Graxia Elves & Dwarves

Guardians of Graxia Elves & DwarvesPetroglyph Games · Guardians of Graxia Elves & Dwarves“”
In this first major expansion for Guardians of Graxia, Elves & Dwarves, the world of Graxia is greeted by two new Guardians from faraway islands, Flist the deceitful Elf and Broxin the greedy Dwarf. Included in the expansion are ever more powerful units and abilities that you will be able to use in battle, as well as six additional skirmish maps, some of which randomly generate their tile configuration upon entry! This latest release of Guardians of Graxia requires the core game to…
Downloadable Content Petroglyph Games DLC-GOGED-STEAM
guardians of graxia elves 38 dwarves, downloadable content