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Talisman The Highland Expansion

Talisman The Highland ExpansionNomad Games · Talisman The Highland Expansion“”
Tread carefully, brave adventurers… The Eagle King stirs. Do you have what it takes to brave the Highland? All sorts of perils await you in those daunting peaks. The Highland adds a new Region to the game for heroes to explore. A new map board and over 100 new cards bring this mountainous realm vividly to life, while six brand-new characters offer fantastic new playing experiences. Climb as high as you dare, and lay claim to the unimaginable wealth that awaits atop the tallest peak in…
Downloadable Content Nomad Games DLC-THE
talisman the highland expansion, downloadable content

Talisman Digital Edition The Frostmarch Expansion

Talisman Digital Edition The Frostmarch ExpansionNomad Games · Talisman Digital Edition The Frostmarch Expansion“”
A continent of ice dominates the horizon… It is the Frostmarch, brought here across the northern waters by the Ice Queen. Armed with the Crown of Command, she is transforming the realm into a desolate, frozen wasteland. Can you overcome the raging storms and strange creatures that inhabit this bitter land? Will your blood freeze when you behold the Ice Queen’s cold, cruel gaze? The Frostmarch expansion offers players 4 new characters, 84 Adventure Cards, 20 Spell Cards 24 Warlock…
Downloadable Content Nomad Games DLC-TTFEP
talisman digital edition the frostmarch expansion, downloadable content

Talisman Digital Edition The Reaper Expansion Pack

Talisman Digital Edition The Reaper Expansion PackNomad Games · Talisman Digital Edition The Reaper Expansion Pack“”
Will You Look Death in the Eye? An unearthly chill creeps through the air. The Wizard stops reading his ancient tome and gazes cautiously over his shoulder. The Warrior feels an unfamiliar fear as he draws his mighty sword. A shadow has fallen across the countryside. Death himself wanders the land. Can the heroes fulfill their epic quests with the spectre of the Grim Reaper hounding their every move? The Reaper expansion offers Talisman Digital Edition players; 4 new characters …
Downloadable Content Nomad Games DLC-TREP
talisman digital edition the reaper expansion pack, downloadable content

Talisman The Dungeon Expansion

Talisman The Dungeon ExpansionNomad Games · Talisman The Dungeon Expansion“”
The ancient door crumbles to splinters… Your cleated boot kicks away rotting wood and your sword clears thick cobwebs from your path. Your torch throws darting shadows on damp stone walls… and the Dungeon lies revealed! Do you have the courage to plunge into the darkness and confront its perils? Legends say that in the deepest pits of this abyss, the Lord of Darkness stands watch over a vast treasure that even includes a portal that leads to the renowned Crown of…
Downloadable Content Nomad Games DLC-TDE
talisman the dungeon expansion, downloadable content