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Trainz Simulator Duchess DLC

Trainz Simulator Duchess DLCN3V Games · Trainz Simulator Duchess DLC“”
The feature packed Duchess set is a must have for anyone with a taste for the romance of rail. Conceived by the office of Sir William A. Stanier FRS, the Duchess is a classic example of British engineering at its finest. These magnificent machines were devised during the heated rivalry between LMS’ “Coronation Scot” and LNER’s “Flying Scotsman” which many remember as “the race to the north” (London to…
Downloadable Content N3V Games DD-TS2010DDLC
trainz simulator duchess dlc, downloadable content

Trainz Simulator DLC: Locomotives Pack Volume 1

Trainz Simulator DLC: Locomotives Pack Volume 1N3V Games · Trainz Simulator DLC: Locomotives Pack Volume 1“”
Locomotives Volume 1 is a compilation series of N3V’s popular Trainz add-ons in a nostalgic tribute brimming with the splendour and excitement of the steam era. Carefully researched and exquisitely detailed, this premier collection is a must have addition for your Trainz collection.
Downloadable Content N3V Games DDB-TSLPV1
trainz simulator dlc locomotives pack volume 1, downloadable content

Trainz Simulator DLC: Aerotrain

Trainz Simulator DLC: AerotrainN3V Games · Trainz Simulator DLC: Aerotrain“”
By the 1950’s, passenger revenues on America’s railroads had long since passed their heyday. Automobiles were fast becoming an affordable option for the modern traveller, and flight was also steadily gaining in popularity. If railroad passenger services were to survive, operators realised they would need to change their thinking and somehow take a more cost effective approach. A locomotive design based on the existing SW1200 switcher was encased in a futuristic streamlined shroud…
Downloadable Content N3V Games DD-TDLCAT
trainz simulator dlc aerotrain, downloadable content

Trainz Simulator – PRRT1 DLC

Trainz Simulator - PRRT1 DLCN3V Games · Trainz Simulator – PRRT1 DLC“”
The PRR T1 ‘A Fleet of Modernism’ DLC Pack recreates the striking image of these shark nosed behemoths in their days of speeding the ‘Fleet of Modernism’ cars to their destination on trains such as ‘The Broadway Limited’ and ‘The General’. Step into the cab and take charge of these mighty horses, relax in the comfort of your roomette, or enjoy the view from the observation lounge.
Downloadable Content N3V Games DD-TZPRRT1
trainz simulator prrt1 dlc, downloadable content

Trainz Simulator DLC: SS4 China Coal Heavy Haul Pack

Trainz Simulator DLC: SS4 China Coal Heavy Haul PackN3V Games · Trainz Simulator DLC: SS4 China Coal Heavy Haul Pack“”
The Shao Shan 4 (SS4 improved) electric locomotive is one of the most powerful DC electric locomotives in China. Manufacturing began in the mid 1980’s and the locomotives are widely used throughout most of China’s electrified railways to this day. Prior to the Chinese AC electric era, the SS4 was the predominant power on the Datong – Qinhuangdao coal heavy haul railway. Comprised of A and B units, SS4s continue to operate between Shanxi coal mines and the Qinhuangdao coal port, sometimes…
Downloadable Content N3V Games DLC-TSSS4CCHHP
trainz simulator dlc ss4 china coal heavy haul pack, downloadable content

Trainz Simulator DLC: Blue Comet

Trainz Simulator DLC: Blue CometN3V Games · Trainz Simulator DLC: Blue Comet“”
The Blue Comet addon pack recreates the excitement and splendour of this remarkable train. Stunningly detailed and making use of up-to-date smoke, sound, physics and script features, the Blue Comet promises to be a satisfying addition to your Trainz collection. The package includes the Baldwin G3s pacific locomotive in early condition, in both blue and black liveries, and a custom cab interior. Also included is a representation of the class as it appeared in later life on duty after…
Downloadable Content N3V Games DD-TBCDLC
trainz simulator dlc blue comet, downloadable content

Trainz Simulator DLC: Nickel Plate High Speed Freight Set

Trainz Simulator DLC: Nickel Plate High Speed Freight SetN3V Games · Trainz Simulator DLC: Nickel Plate High Speed Freight Set“”
Relive the halcyon years of steam hauled freight services in the US with this stunningly modeled Trainz Simulator addon. This DLC pack includes the following:
Downloadable Content N3V Games DLC-TSNPHSFS
trainz simulator dlc nickel plate high speed freight set, downloadable content

Trainz Simulator DLC: Coronation Scot

Trainz Simulator DLC: Coronation ScotN3V Games · Trainz Simulator DLC: Coronation Scot“”
As the world recovered from the Great War and ensuing recession, the 1930s saw railways entering a glamorous era where emphasis on speed and public perception became more important than ever before.
Downloadable Content N3V Games DD-TZCS
trainz simulator dlc coronation scot, downloadable content

Trainz Simulator DLC: BR Class 14

Trainz Simulator DLC: BR Class 14N3V Games · Trainz Simulator DLC: BR Class 14“”
British Rail devised the Class 14 locomotives to replace the seemingly indispensable ex-GWR Pannier Tanks which busily performed shunting duties, yard transfers and short haul freight services on Western Region tracks. The Class 14s were designed with an axle load suitable for light line working, and were powered by a Paxman 6-cylinder Ventura engine rated at 650 hp, Voith hydraulic transmission and Hunslet triple reduction and reverse gear box. Initially these locomotives appeared…
Downloadable Content N3V Games DLC-TSBRC14
trainz simulator dlc br class 14, downloadable content