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Lanikai Lbu-C Concert Size Banjolele LBU-C

Lanikai Lbu-C Concert Size Banjolele With Custom Gig Bag Satin NaturalLanikai Lbu-C Concert Size Banjolele With Custom Gig Bag Satin Natural
Popularized in the roaring ’20s and ’30s, the banjolele answered the call from popular performers for greater volume. From there the unique banjolele tone solidified itself into the lexicon of ukulele and banjo music and is well-loved for its distinct sound. This Lanikai banjolele features aged brass hardware, a flamed maple resonator, maple neck with flamed maple headstock overlay, maple tone ring, no-knot tailpiece, rosewood fingerboard, flamed maple body and neck binding, and a Remo Banjolele head. The LBU-C Lanikai banjolele comes with a custom-fitted banjolele gig bag.The banjolele is strung with Aquila Nylgut Strings.4-string concert banjoleleFlamed maple bodyRemo Fiberskin top15 scaleMaple neckRosewood bridge and fretboard18 frets35mm nut widthBrass geared tunersBrass hardwareNatural finishIncludes custom-fitted gig bag
Folk & Traditional Instruments, Folk & Traditional Stringed Instruments, Banjoleles Lanikai 423931.091 LBU-C
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