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DGU: Death God University – Midterm Mania

DGU: Death God University - Midterm ManiaKiss · DGU: Death God University – Midterm Mania“”
Attention fellow death gods! DGU is back with yet another new level the ‘Army Barracks’. Discipline is a must for the completion of your missions. You really have to get your sneaky act in line to get through this level. We have two interesting new targets who will make you smirk and at the same time prove to be a head-scratching level of difficulty to get rid of.
Downloadable Content Kiss DLC-DGU-MIDTERM-MANIA
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DGU: Death God University – Finals Week

DGU: Death God University - Finals WeekKiss · DGU: Death God University – Finals Week“”
Fellow death gods, this is the challenge you have been waiting for. DGU is back with four new targets spread across the Asylum and Army Barracks. These missions are of top quality and only well deserving students will be given a chance.
Downloadable Content Kiss DD-DGU-FINALS-WEEK
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Canyon Capers: Rio Fever

Canyon Capers: Rio FeverKiss · Canyon Capers: Rio Fever“”
The tournament of greats awaits. Our hapless hero, DinoJr takes a detour on his raiding of the temples and canyons, to play the world’s favourite sport. Will DINO be the one lifting the cup at the end?
Downloadable Content Kiss DLC-CANYON-CAPERS-RIO-FEVER
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DGU: Death God University – Sinister Semester

DGU: Death God University - Sinister SemesterKiss · DGU: Death God University – Sinister Semester“”
DGU is back bringing you new adventures. In this DLC, we are introducing a brand new level ‘Asylum & Rehab’. It has a serene and spooky setting. Patients screaming and running around is just everyday routine. Try not to get caught up in their crazy antics! Also introducing 2 brand new targets to kill. Can you find a sane way to cause an accident around insane people? Beware, this ain’t for light hearted killers!
Downloadable Content Kiss DLC-DGU-SINISTER-SEMESTER
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