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Dungeons 2 – A Game of Winter

Dungeons 2 - A Game of WinterKalypso · Dungeons 2 – A Game of Winter“”
Young Barthas Snow of the Northwatch goes forth to search for his lost uncle Banjo beyond the great wall. A difficult journey lies before him, on which he unwittingly awakens an unimaginable evil from a long dead era…
Downloadable Content Kalypso DLC-D2DLC3
dungeons 2 a game of winter, downloadable content, dungeons 2, winter, dlc

Tropico 4: Vigilante

Tropico 4: VigilanteKalypso · Tropico 4: Vigilante“”
People on the island know him as El Presidente, their absolute ruler. Little they suspect that he is also the Masked Avenger, the mysterious dashing rogue that wages war against crime, rebels and political dissidents. Use the new labor camp to put convicts to good use, wear the original Zorro mask and use the Alter Ego trait to improve crime safety.
Downloadable Content Kalypso DLC-T4V-STEAM
tropico 4 vigilante, downloadable content

Omerta: City of Gangsters The Con Artist

Omerta: City of Gangsters The Con ArtistKalypso · Omerta: City of Gangsters The Con Artist“”
New Jersey, February 1919. A young woman claiming to be Anastasia Romanov disappears after raising a considerable sum of money from local Russian immigrants who supported the royalist regime in Russia. The police suspected a con scheme but the very people that gave the money truly believed that the self-proclaimed Romanov has gone into hiding because of Soviet spies threatening her life. The person in question was Anna Anderson. She is known to be a charismatic and influential socialite with…
Downloadable Content Kalypso DLC-OCGCA
omerta city of gangsters the con artist, downloadable content

Tropico 5 Generalissimo

Tropico 5 GeneralissimoKalypso · Tropico 5 Generalissimo“”
Thought the Cuban Missile Crisis was over? Far from it! In this latest episode of Tropico 5, history is repeating itself while El Presidente prepares for all-out invasion and large-scale warfare! Build the majestic Defense HQ to instill fear in your enemies, put on the General’s Hat and show your true colours. Let Tropico prevail! All new voice recordings bring the exciting and tumultuous days of the 1960s back to life!
Downloadable Content Kalypso DLC-T5G
tropico 5 generalissimo, downloadable content

Airline Tycoon 2 Falcon Airlines DLC

Airline Tycoon 2 Falcon Airlines DLCKalypso · Airline Tycoon 2 Falcon Airlines DLC“”
He’s back! Siggi Sorglos, synonymous with German diligence, punctuality and cuckoo clocks, returns to the airline business with this DLC for Airline Tycoon 2. Play the entire campaign form the main game plus two brand-new missions with this blonde winner and learn why he has returned from his well-deserved retirement. This DLC also brings the possibility of establishing branch offices in foreign airports and thus receiving access to a larger selection of charter flights. But…
Downloadable Content Kalypso DD-ALT2FA-STEAM
airline tycoon 2 falcon airlines dlc, downloadable content

Tropico 5 Surfs Up!

Tropico 5 Surfs Up!Kalypso · Tropico 5 Surfs Up!“”
Come with El Presidente on a journey through time and space in the new ‘Surf’s Up!’ DLC for Tropico 5. In the not-too-distant future, Earth is under threat of alien incursion. The only hope for Tropico lies with the wise dolphins of the Pacific Ocean, who hold the power to veto this decision through bureaucracy! The Tropicans of tomorrow have asked El Presidente to utilise the brand new Dolphinarium building in order to attract tourists, make money and save the…
Downloadable Content Kalypso DLC-T5SU
tropico 5 surfs up, downloadable content

Tropico 5 Joint Venture

Tropico 5 Joint VentureKalypso · Tropico 5 Joint Venture“”
El Presidente is selling out. It’s time for Tropico to start playing in the major league of international franchises. Start by inviting investors and constructing a chain of Fast Food Restaurants all across the island. Do you have the guts to beat the Slow Food competition?
Downloadable Content Kalypso DLC-T5JV
tropico 5 joint venture, downloadable content

Omerta: City of Gangsters: The Japanese Incentive

Omerta: City of Gangsters: The Japanese IncentiveKalypso · Omerta: City of Gangsters: The Japanese Incentive“”
Irish mobsters, Ku-Klux-Klan racists, a mysterious business man from the far-east and a beautiful Japanese woman – it’s time for another episode in the life of The Boss!
Downloadable Content Kalypso DLC-OJI
omerta city of gangsters the japanese incentive, downloadable content

Tropico 4 Junta Military DLC

Tropico 4 Junta Military DLCKalypso · Tropico 4 Junta Military DLC“”
Time to get military! Secure your rule of Tropico with the new bunker, the “Veteran” character trait for a more battle-hardened military leader and an appropriate dress uniform. Decorate the island with the new guard booths, oberservation tower, ammunitions depot, barricades and a tank! The “New Sparta” mission will see you build a militaristic society while under pressure from pesky rebels.
Downloadable Content Kalypso DD-T4JMDLC-STEAM
tropico 4 junta military dlc, downloadable content