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Floyd Rose Titanium Tremolo Bridge Kit FRTTIR2

Floyd Rose Titanium Tremolo Bridge Kit With R2 NutFloyd Rose Titanium Tremolo Bridge Kit With R2 Nut
Floyd Rose has teamed up with TiSonix to develop the world’s ultimate locking tremolo. Featuring components formed and machined from Titanium the Floyd Rose Titanium Tremolo Bridge Kit w/ R2 Nut is striking in appearance and virtually indestructible. Amazing durability (tested in excess of 12,000 cycles with no measurable wear at the knife edges).As well as amazing performance, the Titanium Tremolo Bridge delivers increased sustain and clarity. Titanium transfers sound energy with little to no distortion or absorption. That is if – and only if – you use the right alloys, amount of cold work (stress induced during forming) and heat treatment. The world has come to expect exacting standards from Floyd Rose. Expect no less when it comes to Titanium. The Titanium Floyd Rose is beyond any measure, the world’s premiere locking tremolo.The R2 Nut is designed for guitars with neck widths of 1-5/8 (41.30mm) and a 10 radius.The world’s ultimate locking tremoloFormed and machined from TitaniumAmazing durabilityDelivers increased sustain and clarityDouble-locking systemLocking nut fits 1-5/8 necks
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