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Elektron Analog ES_HFX1_std

Elektron Analog HeatElektron Analog Heat
Its more than a drum machine. Its even more than an analog drum machine. It is an analog rhythm composer that carries sample support as well as a synthesis engine, but in addition to its integral sound-generating capacity, it can process any audio signal coming into it through its various analog processes. This is something new. With its internal processing capacity, you can add sparkle and brilliance or grimy roughness to any sound source. Samplers, drum machines, synths, the master bus, you name it. From top-line audio spec with crystal-clear resolution to fully mangled lo-fi sludge, Analog Heat combines two worlds together and in doing so, creates a new one.Plugin controlThe Overbridge app allows your Analog Heat to be used as a VST/AU effect plugin. Connect the Analog Heat to your computer and conveniently smooth out the edges of all digital sounds. This is a highly useful attribute of Analog Heat. Tweak to perfection and then apply the sounds to your productions and bring your mixes to life.Sound card operationOne of the most prominent Analog Heat features is that it can function as a 2 x 2 sound card, even while processing DAW audio. Perfect for the traveling musician. Create as you go and make stellar, high quality recordings wherever you go.Sound processing8 Ã?Â? Stereo analog distortion circuits1 Ã?Â? Stereo analog multi-mode filter (7 filter types)1 Ã?Â? 2 band adaptable stereo analog EQ1 Ã?Â? Assignable envelope generator/envelope follower1 Ã?Â? Assignable LFOStorage128 user preset slotsHardware122Ã?Â?32 pixel backlit LCDMIDI In/Out/Thru with DIN Sync out2 Ã?Â? 1/4 balanced audio out jacks2 Ã?Â? 1/4 balanced audio in jacks1 Ã?Â? 1/4 stereo headphones jack2 Ã?Â? 1/4 CV/Expression pedal input jacks48 kHz, 24-bit D/A and A/D convertersFlash-EEPROM upgradable OSHi-speed USB 2.0 portAudio outputsHeadphones out level: +22 dBu peakHeadphones output impedance: 55 Impedance balanced main outputs level: +22 dBu peakMain outputs impedance: 440 unbalancedSound card S/N Ratio: 111 dBFS (20-20,000 Hz)Audio inputsBalanced audio input level: +22 dBu peakAudio input impedance: 39 kSound card S/N Ratio: 112 dBFS (20-20,000 Hz)Control inputsInput level: -5 V +5 VAccepts CV, Expression pedals, Foot switchesPhysical specificationsSturdy steel casingDimensions: W215Ã?Â?D184Ã?Â?H63 mm (8.5Ã?Â?7.2Ã?Â?2.5) (including audio outputs, knobs and rubber feet)Weight: approximately 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs)MiscellaneousOverbridge enabledAbleton Live 9 Lite license included3 year Elektron warranty
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