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Darkglass Microtubes 900 900W Bass DAR-MICRO900

Darkglass Microtubes 900 900W Bass Guitar Amplifier HeadDarkglass Microtubes 900 900W Bass Guitar Amplifier Head
The Microtubes 900 is a 900W amplifier equipped with an all analog preamplifier and a Class D Power Module. The first thing you will notice from the Microtubes 900 is its unusual control layout: On the right side youll find the clean section which is the foundation of your tone. It features Gain and Master controls an active 4 band EQ. Along with Low and Treble controls you will find Low Mids and Hi Mids control, each knob with their own 3-way frequency switch. On the left side you will find the Microtubes Engine which acts as an extra channel that can bring your clean tone to the next level by helping you cut through the mix while adding anything from subtle tube break up, harmonics and natural compression to obliterating distortion.Intelligent FootswitchThe Intelligent Footswitch is an intuitive yet versatile accessory for your Microtubes 900. One tap will engage and disengage the Microtubes Engine, while holding for 3 seconds will Mute the amplifier. It is connected to the head via a standard 1/4-in. cable and it’s powered by a microcontroller that sends commands to the head using a proprietary communication protocol.Spec and TechInput: Connect your instrument via a standard 1/4-in. mono cable. Passive/Active: Switch from passive to active mode. Some active basses can have a hotter signal output which can make the amp distort early (feel free to use it on Passive move even with active basses if such additional distortion is desired). Microtubes: Turns on or off the Microtubes Engine to add natural compression, organic harmonic enhancement, and saturation ranging from mild overdrive to high gain bass rage. The Microtubes Engine operates before the clean section (you can therefore use the 4 Band Active EQ for additional tone shaping in addition to the ToPower: 900 wattsTwo channelsSingle inputImpedance: 2, 4, 8 ohmsControls: 4-band EQ, gain, master, overdrive select, mid selectDI output with pre-/post- switchFootswitch includedDimensions: 10.5 in. x 9.05 in. x 2.52 in.
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