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DMC – Devil May Cry Costume Pack DLC

DMC - Devil May Cry Costume Pack DLCCapcom Ltd · DMC – Devil May Cry Costume Pack DLC“”
Three stylishly alternative costumes – throw Dante back into Limbo with a fresh look to take down the demon hoards! Costumes include: ‘Classic Dante’ complete with iconic red leather jacket and bleach white hair, plus two all new looks – ‘Dark Dante’ and ‘Neo Dante’.
Downloadable Content Capcom Ltd DLC-DMCCP
dmc devil may cry costume pack dlc, downloadable content, devilh15

Umbrella Corps Upgrade Pack

Umbrella Corps Upgrade PackCapcom Ltd · Umbrella Corps Upgrade Pack“”
This pack allows owners of the standard edition of Umbrella Corps to access the additional Deluxe Edition content, including weapons, patches, cosmetic options, emotes, and skins to turn your avatar into classic Resident Evil characters Chris, Leon, Jake, Barry, HUNK and Wesker.
Downloadable Content Capcom Ltd DLC-UMBRELLA-CORPS-UPGRADE-PACK
umbrella corps upgrade pack, downloadable content

Remember Me: Combo Lab Pack DLC

Remember Me: Combo Lab Pack DLCCapcom Ltd · Remember Me: Combo Lab Pack DLC“”
Download the Combo Lab pack for the ultimate way to customize your fighting style with all three unique pressen fighting moves, plus the exclusive dragon punch, spinning kick and flash kick moves.
Downloadable Content Capcom Ltd DLC-RMCLP
remember me combo lab pack dlc, downloadable content

Resident Evil 6: Onslaught Mode

Resident Evil 6: Onslaught ModeCapcom Ltd · Resident Evil 6: Onslaught Mode“”
Adds the Onslaught game mode to the Extra Content menu in Resident Evil 6! In this one-on-one version of The Mercenaries, rack up combo points to send hordes of creatures your opponent’s way!
Downloadable Content Capcom Ltd DLC-RE6OSM
resident evil 6 onslaught mode, downloadable content