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Beyerdynamic M 160 Dynamic Double 100.668

Beyerdynamic M 160 Dynamic Double Ribbon MicrophoneBeyerdynamic M 160 Dynamic Double Ribbon Microphone
Beyerdynamic is one of few microphone manufacturers worldwide that still produce ribbon microphones. The M 160 dynamic double ribbon mic brings you the sonic characteristics of classic ribbon mics with a modern twist. Thanks to the double-ribbon design, the M 160 has an ultra-fast transient response, which gives you superior detail while maintaining the smooth highs that ribbons are famous for. The M 160 is an outstanding microphone that’s very effective for all types of remote and in-studio vocal reproduction. In the recording studio, the M 160 is recommended for miking string instruments such as violins, violas, cellos and for pianos, saxophones as well as for hi-hat and toms. It can effectively handle sound sources from pianissimo to mezzo forte. The non-glare black surface of the M 160 and its small dimensions allow unobtrusive use in TV or film studios. When used in conjunction with the Beyerdynamic M 130 figure-8, double ribbon mic, the M 160’s matched sound and hypercardioid polar pattern (side attenuation of 25dB at 110 degrees) makes it an ideal mid mic for recording in stereo with the M-S (Mid-Side) technique.Unique double ribbon microphone transducerHypercardioid polar patternExtended frequency responseExcellent transparency and transient responseCompact and rugged designWarm and natural soundApplications; Instrumental miking such as saxophone, miking of drums (toms, hi-hat), MS-stereophony with M 130
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Beyerdynamic Tg 1000 Handheld 711.233

Beyerdynamic Tg 1000 Handheld Transmitter 470-789 MhzBeyerdynamic Tg 1000 Handheld Transmitter 470-789 Mhz
Beyerdynamic microphones instill a loyalty and passion among users almost like no other brand. Decades of microphone building has positioned Beyer-Dynamic uniquely in the marketplace, and that reputation and quality extends itself into its wireless offerings, most especially the TG-1000 line.Ruggedly built and featuring an extremely wide 319 MHz UHF bandwidth, TG 1000 is an ideal product investment for rental companies due to its ability to cater for a large variety of frequency requirements worldwide. Combine this with 24-bit digital converters and a collection of superb interchangeable microphone capsules and itÃ?´s easy to see the flexibility on offer with the TG 1000 digital wireless system.Note: The TG-1000 Handheld Transmitter does not ship with a capsule. You must select from the five available capsules for the TG-1000 Transmitter. The properties of the five capsules are described at the bottom of this listing. We carry all five of the capsule options.Smart TransmittersExcellent design with the user in mind: compact shape and transmitter lock functionality – a pleasure to use.FastSyncEasy and fast – the TG 1000Ã?´s FastSync technology allows you synchronisation of receiver and transmitter below one second.2.1 ms Total LatencyTG 1000 features a total latency of only 2.1 ms, which is trend-setting for digital wireless systems.319 MHzSwitching BandwidthOne wireless system for the entire world?TG 1000 covers 319 MHz of the UHF band. That’s four times more than most of our competitors.300 m RangeTG 1000 achieves an extraordinary line of sight range up to 300 meters.Interchangeable Microphone CapsulesFive of Beyer Dynamics’ current best microphones are available as interchangeable capsules for TG 1000 – including dynamic and condenser types, asTop sound qualityUnbreakable encryptionRugged build qualityselectable capsules
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Beyerdynamic Dt 1770 Pro Studio 710717

Beyerdynamic Dt 1770 Pro Studio HeadphonesBeyerdynamic Dt 1770 Pro Studio Headphones
The Beyerdynamic DT 1770 PRO closed-back studio reference headphones are an evolution of the legendary DT 770 PRO, one of the most popular headphones used in professional recording environments around the globe. These proven performers have been the go-to choice for music producers, sound technicians, and broadcasters for decades, and the DT 1770 PRO carry on the tradition.Exceptional comfort, detailed sound reproduction, and a rugged design make the DT 1770 PRO the perfect fit for studio mixing and live sound applications. Listen for hours without discomfort and make critical mix decision thanks to the DT 1770 PROs extended frequency response. Brilliant highs combined with warm, rich lows will deliver a listening experience that makes this the enhanced generation of the DT 770 PRO.Closed studio and monitoring headphones250 Ohms, 45 mm dynamic Tesla neodymium driverRugged headband made of spring steelSingle-sided, detachable cablewith mini-XLR (coiled and straight, in the box)Soft, replaceable ear pads (velours and leatherette, in the box) and headbandPremium carrying case
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