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B-52 Atx-100 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head ATX-100

B-52 Atx-100 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head BlackB-52 Atx-100 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head Black
The B-52 ATX-100 tube amp head is perfect for guitarists of every level. Whether you are playing to a stadium crowd of 50,000 or practicing at home in your garage, the ATX will produce awesome crunch, smooth mids, and crystal-clear highs. The B-52 ATX-100 has a 100% pure all-tube signal path, incredible tone, and an array of friendly features. It combines the superb tone and punch of a matched quartet of Sovtek 5881 power tubes with specially selected 12AX7 preamp tubes for solid tube tone and reliability. This roadworthy amp head provides the serious musician with monstrous gain, an extreme range of tone options and a sparkling clean channel. The three-channel B-52 ATX will take you from shimmering cleans with just the right touch of its lush spring reverb, to an all-out metal assault. The clean channel is designed to stay clean all the way up unless you push the master volume to get that nice warm power tube break-up. The clean channel features a volume, responsive 3-band EQ as well as a bright switch. The B-52 head’s overdrive section features 2 channels with separate volume and gain controls that share a 3-band EQ. The newly designed mid-cut feature is assignable to either of the overdrive channels giving you the ability for a brutal rhythm channel and a searing lead tone. All channels share a master volume, low-res (resonance) and reverb control.All-tube signal pathOverdrive channel: gain 1 and gain 2 each with independent master volumes, 3-band EQ, assignable mid-cut controlClean channel: master volume, 3-band EQ and bright switchGlobal controls: volume, low-res (resonance) and reverbEffects loop (footswitchable)Selectable 4 / 8 / 16 Ohms external speaker jacks4-position footswitch: channel, gain, reverb and effects loopChrome-plated front and rear panelsFeatures rock-solid 13-ply Baltic birch construction
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B-52, Tube Guitar Amplifier Heads

B-52 Lx-1515V3 1000W Dual 15 Pa LX-1515V3

B-52 Lx-1515V3 1000W Dual 15 Pa SpeakerB-52 Lx-1515V3 1000W Dual 15 Pa Speaker
The B-52 LX-1515V3 1000W Dual 15 PA Speaker is a full-range system featuring a quasi 3-way design. The LX-15153 has a sophisticated tapered array crossover network which directs low frequencies to both 15 speakers while limiting the midrange to only the top woofer. The result is improved low-end and clearer sound in the high frequency range. The PA speaker’s ultra-efficient compression driver, mounted to a custom elliptical waveguide, delivers smooth mids and vivid highs that won’t fatigue your earsp-4CLB compression driverThe B-52 LX-1515V3 uses the COMP-4CLB 1 exit PETP film diaphragm compression driver, providing smooth mids and extended high-frequency reproduction.Elliptical wave guideWave GuideB-52’s new elliptical waveguide perfectly complements the COMP-4CLB compression driver. The coverage is uniform over more than 3 octaves and the overall response is smooth and extended. The asymmetrical shape allows close physical coupling to the woofer and a slight tilt of the sound down to the listening level.Advanced CrossoverThe B-52 LX-1515V3 has an advanced tapered array crossover network design that directs low frequencies to both 15 speakers while limiting the midrange to just the top woofer, resulting in improved low-end and cleaner sound in the high-frequency range. The crossover utilizes low-loss components including Mylar capacitors, air-core inductors, and ceramic resistors. Light-bulb tweeter protection circuitry is included.ConstructionThe B-52 LX-1515V3 is fitted with metal bar handles, protective metal corners, rubber feet, a 16-gauge perforated steel grille, 3 tilt back casters, and is finished with impact-forgiving black carpet. B-52 offers a LIFETIME cabinet construction warranty. Input connections: (2) Ã?¼ phone jacks and (1) Neutrik Speakon connector.1000-watt full-range systemQuasi 3-way design with a sophisticated tapered array crossover networkDual 15 speakers1 COMP-4CLB exit PETP film diaphragm compression driverElliptical waveguide perfectly complements the COMP-4CLB compression driverAdvanced tapered array crossover networkFitted with metal bar handles, protective metal corners, and rubber feet
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B-52, Unpowered PA Speakers

B-52 Lx-18Ev3 1000W Folded B-52 LX-18EV3

B-52 Lx-18Ev3 1000W Folded SubwooferB-52 Lx-18Ev3 1000W Folded Subwoofer
This powerful folded-horn subwoofer cranks out devastating, long-throw bass on a budget and still manages to be quite portable. The B-52 LX-18EV3 is ideal for live sound and music replay applications and delivers more low-end thunder than you’ll know what to do with. This sub’s cabinet is fitted with B-52’s 18-220X 1000W subwoofer, which provides high-power handling, great efficiency, very low distortion, and accurate sound reproduction.The American-made cabinet features 7-layer 3/4 plywood construction, reinforced internal bracings, and is finished with impact-forgiving black carpet and 4 heavy-duty casters.The speaker’s 18 subwoofers are  The optimally-sized acoustic aperture of the compression chambers forms the throat of the horn and helps force the air at an increased velocity and pressure.The heart of the B-52 LX-18EV3 is its 18-220X subwoofer which is housed in a compression chamber that minimizes the excursion of the driver while maximizing the subwoofer’s output.  Its light weight and robust cast-aluminum frame is shaped to minimize reflections on the back of the cone.  The entire loudspeaker is designed to work as a heat sink for extreme cooling efficiency.Made in the U.S.A.Rugged, impact-resistant black carpet finishVoid-free, 7-layer, Ã?¾ plywood construction for maximum durability and minimum weightInput connections: (2) Ã?¼ metal phone jacks and (1) Neutrik NL 4 Speakon connectorReinforced internal bracings are used to fortify the cabinet4 heavy-duty castersPole-mounting cup
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B-52, Unpowered Stage Subwoofers