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Lp Galaxy Giovanni Series Conga 11.75 LP806Z-AW

Lp Galaxy Giovanni Series Conga  11.75 In.Lp Galaxy Giovanni Series Conga 11.75 In.
Serious congas for serious pros like Giovanni Hidalgo. Galaxy Giovanni Conga Series are among the finest wood congas ever created. Extended Collar Comfort Curve II rims offer better tonal range and comfort. Gorgeous shells crafted of premium, environmentally friendly North American ash with a unique 3-ply construction technique utilizing steel pins for reinforcement. The uniquely sized Requinto is capable of deep bass tones, smooth open tones, and clean, snappy slaps. Gold tone hardware including heavy-duty steel side plates and 3/8-diameter lugs. Hand-selected natural rawhide heads and innovative shell designs provide commanding bass, rich mids, crackling highs, and punchy projection. Includes accessory pouch, tuning wrench, and lug lube.Extended Collar Comfort Curve II rims Natural rawhide heads 3-ply North American ash shells Innovative shell designs
Drums & Percussion, World Percussion, Hand Drums, Congas LP 440645.470 LP806Z-AW
LP, Congas

Mapex Armory Series 5-Piece Rock Shell AR529SWT

Mapex Armory Series 5-Piece Rock Shell Pack Transparent WalnutMapex Armory Series 5-Piece Rock Shell Pack Transparent Walnut
The Armory Series by Mapex features a 6-ply birch and maple shell that outputs a warm, focused tone. SONIClear bearing edge, tom suspension and floor tom legs allow the heads to sit flat and increase shell resonance. Mapex Saturn IV-style lugs ensure a firm tune while providing a low-mass aesthetic.In addition, all Armory shell packs include the 14 x 5-1/2 Tomahawk Black-Plated Steel Snare. The Tomahawk produces a bright, focused and loud backbeat and adds style to all Armory shell packs.This purchase includes a manufacturer trade-in offer for ANY of Mapex’s Armory Series four other snare drums. You’ll have two weeks after your Armory kit purchase to test out the Tomahawk and, if the Tomahawk snare doesn’t fit your sound, you can trade it in directly with Mapex for one of the other four Armory Snare drums at no charge.Maple/Birch 6-ply 7.2mm shellSONIClear Bearing EdgeSONIClear Tom SuspensionSaturn IV style lugSONIClear Floor Tom LegsArmory Tomahawk Snare DrumConfiguration:Kick Drum: 22 x 18Toms: 10 x 8 and 12 x 9Floor toms: 16 x 16Snare: 14 x 5.5
Drums & Percussion, Acoustic Drums, Acoustic Drum Sets, Shell Packs Mapex J04250.005 AR529SWT
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Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5-Piece Shell SBP0F50HA

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5-Piece Shell Pack With 20 Inch Bass Drum Honey AmberYamaha Stage Custom Birch 5-Piece Shell Pack With 20 Inch Bass Drum Honey Amber
This Yamaha Stage Custom birch drum shell pack is also great for the beginner or the working professional. The staggered diagonal seam allowed Yamaha to build a thin drum shell that will start round and stay round. The low-mass lugs lets the shell vibrate for superb tone and sustain. Yamaha’s Air Seal System used for drum shell construction ensures each and every Yamaha drum shell is of uniform thickness and is perfectly round to achieve superior tone quality and durability.Features a beautiful high-gloss lacquer finish. Hardware and cymbals sold separately.ConfigurationBass Drum(s):20 x 17Tom(s):10 x 7, 12 x 8Floor Tom(s):14 x 13Snare:14 x 5-1/2Total Pieces:6Hardware:Not ApplicableCymbals:Not ApplicableShellsShell Material:BirchConstruction:6-PlyThickness (mm):6.0Bearing Edge:45Ã?°Reinforcement Ring:Not ApplicableDrum HardwareMaterial:SteelMounts:SuspendedHoops:Triple-flangeLugs:StandardOtherHeads:BrandedFinish Type:LacquerCountry of Origin:China
Drums & Percussion, Acoustic Drums, Acoustic Drum Sets, Shell Packs Yamaha J07120.002 SBP0F50HA
Yamaha, Shell Packs

Sabian Aax Limited Edition Cymbal 25005XXP

Sabian Aax Limited Edition Cymbal PackSabian Aax Limited Edition Cymbal Pack
This Sabian cymbal pack includes a pair of 14 AAX Stage hi-hats, a 16 AAXplosion crash, a 20 AAX Stage ride, and a free 18 AAXplosion crash. The 14 AAX Stage hi-hats are highly responsive hats with bright, clean sounds that cut brightly at any volume. The AAXplosion crashes are bursting with bright, explosive attack and deliver penetrating definition with total presence and power. The 20 AAX Stage ride provides the ultimate balance of bright stick definition and controlled wash–highly effective and versatile.Like stainless steel, Sabian AAX is cool, modern, and extremely efficient, with streamlined design and sound-shaping Auto-Focus Response. Tap with your finger or thrash with a stick, Auto-Focus Response maximizes sensitivity, equalizes high- and low-pitch levels, and purifies sounds by filtering out conflicting overtones. AAX sounds are pure and accurate. Ideal in the studio, ideal onstage. AAX delivers the freedom to sound great in any music.Sizes & PurposeQuantity: 3Type: SetSizes (in): 14/16/20ConstructionMaterial: Cast AlloyHammering: MachineLathing: FullCymbal Weight: MultipleBell: StandardOtherFinish: BrilliantCountry of Origin: CanadaAdded Value: Free Crash
Drums & Percussion, Cymbals, Cymbal Packs Sabian 490268 25005XXP
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Pearl Championship Maple Ffx Marching FFXM1412/A33

Pearl Championship Maple Ffx Marching Snare Drum 14 X 12 In. Pure WhitePearl Championship Maple Ffx Marching Snare Drum 14 X 12 In. Pure White
Used by today’s top DCI corps, Pearl FFX Championship Series snare drums have won more than their share of High Percussion Awards. The combination of six plies of 100% maple free-floating in a super lightweight aircraft aluminum frame creates a force to be reckoned with.The Championship Maple Snare shells natural balance of mid-to-high frequencies brings the FFX the voice that set an industry standard and changed the face of corps competition. Pearls Superior Shell Technology is used to make a 6-ply, free-floating shell out of maple, the drum industrys premium for dynamic range, sensitivity, and unsurpassed projection. Because of the maple shells strength and reliability, your corps or band can compete in all climate conditions.The FFX Aluminum Frame supports an aluminum-alloy edge ring, providing you with a top bearing edge that can take all of the pressure necessary for todays high tension heads. Two-ply reinforcement rings and a 45-degree bottom bearing edge provide shell stability and shape integrity while focusing the drums maximum sensitivity and volume.Pearls Superior Shell Technology utilizes a proprietary technique for achieving the ultimate air chamber. It begins with select woods chosen for their unique acoustic attributes, milled to precise thickness with overlapping scarf joint seams, for a perfect air-tight fit. The wood plies are saturated with Pearls proprietary AcoustiGlueÃ?ÂÂ? that permeates every pore and dries to the exact consistency of the wood for optimum resonance. Finally, the plies are formed in high-temperature molds with 1000 PSI of hydraulic pressure to produce perfect drum shells that exhibit superior tone, optimal resonance and extreme strength.Carrier sold separately.ConfigurationSnare Size: Multiple sizesTotal Pieces: 1ExtrasCase or Bag: NoStand: Not applicableShellsShell material: MapleShell construction: 6-PlyShell thickness (mm): Info not availableBearing edge: 45Reinforcement ring: YesHardwareHardware material: AluminumHoop type: Die-castLugs: TubeThrow-off: Tap-styleInternal muffler: NoSnares: SyntheticOtherHeads: BrandedFinish type: LacquerCountry of origin: Taiwan
Marching Band, Marching Percussion, Marching Snare Drums Pearl J24150.002.002 FFXM1412/A33
Pearl, Marching Snare Drums

Dw Design Series Acrylic Bass Drum With DDAC1822KKCL

Dw Design Series Acrylic Bass Drum With Chrome Hardware 22 X 18 In. ClearDw Design Series Acrylic Bass Drum With Chrome Hardware 22 X 18 In. Clear
DW has taken their custom drum-making experience and infused it into professional, quality drums that set a new standard for quality and affordability. This Design Series Acrylic Bass Drum is a DW through and through. From the Remo USA-made heads, a sleek silver and white badge, low-mass die cast claw hooks, and more.100% Seamless acrylic shellsLow-mass die-cast claw hooksSilver and white DW badgeRemo USA heads
Drums & Percussion, Acoustic Drums, Bass Drums DW J13298.001.001 DDAC1822KKCL
DW, Bass Drums

Simmons Sd500 5-Piece Electronic Drum SD500

Simmons Sd500 5-Piece Electronic Drum SetSimmons Sd500 5-Piece Electronic Drum Set
The Simmons SD500KIT full-sized 5-piece electronic drum kit includes four drum pads, three cymbal pads, hi-hat controller and an integrated kick pad/pedal, creating an ultra-realistic drum configuration. With features normally reserved for much more expensive kits, the SD500KIT is outstanding for gigging, practicing, recording and learning.Updated 500 Series pads provide advanced functionality: dual-zone snare pad, crash cymbal pad with choke, plus a no-slip grip on the kick pedal and hi-hat controller. The SD500 Module offers 352 awesome drum sounds across 35 drum kits making this kit ideal for virtually any musical genre from jazz to pop; from blues to rock and beyond. If you’re looking for power, versatility and value Ã?¦ the Simmons SD500KIT is your electronic drum set.ConfigurationTom pad(s): 3Cymbal pad(s): 3Snare pad: 1Kickpad: YesTotal drum pads: 5Country of origin: ChinaModuleDisplay type: LCDDrum kits: 35Sounds: 352Songs: 60Trigger inputs: 12Line input: YesHeadphone jack: YesUSB: YesMP3: YesMIDI: YesTraining functions: YesClick: NoMemory: 64MBPadsPad material: RubberHoop material: PlasticZones: MultipleTom pad size: 8Snare pad size: 9HardwareRack material: SteelHardware pieces: 3Kick pedal: YesThrone: No
Drums & Percussion, Electronic Drums, Electronic Drum Sets Simmons J08759 SD500
Simmons, Electronic Drum Sets

Mapex Voyager Standard Drum Set Royal VR5254TYB

Mapex Voyager Standard Drum Set Royal BlueMapex Voyager Standard Drum Set Royal Blue
The Voyager Standard Set is ideal for first time players wanting a full-sized kit with a big sound. The all-poplar shells offer punchy attack and plenty of tone, while 1.5mm hoops will help you hone those rimshots. The drums are fitted with Remo heads and offer a limited lifetime manufacturer warrantyplete with stands, throne and pedals, this set is great for the early player.Cymbals sold separately.ConfigurationBass drum(s):22 x 16Tom(s):12 x 9, 13 x 10Floor tom(s):16 x 16Snare:14 x 5-1/2Total pieces:5ExtrasCymbals:Not applicableTotal cymbals:0Hardware:YesBass pedal:YesHi-hat stand:YesBoom stand:Not applicableStraight stand:YesThrone:YesHardware pieces:5ShellsShell material:PoplarConstruction:Info Not AvailableThickness (mm):Info Not AvailableBearing edge:45Ã?°Drum HardwareMaterial:SteelMounts:TraditionalHoops:Triple-flangeLugs:StandardOtherHeads:BrandedFinish type:WrapOrigin country:China
Drums & Percussion, Acoustic Drums, Acoustic Drum Sets, Complete Drum Sets Mapex J37369.002 VR5254TYB
Mapex, Complete Drum Sets

Lp Performer Series 3-Piece Conga Set LPP3-BNSC

Lp Performer Series 3-Piece Conga Set With Chrome Hardware Black/NaturalLp Performer Series 3-Piece Conga Set With Chrome Hardware Black/Natural
This LP conga set includes 3 of LP’s most popular Performer Series hand drums: the 11 quinto, 11-3/4 conga and a 12-1/2 tumba. Features include Siam oak shells for warm, resonant open tones and sharp slap tones; EZ-Curve rims for hand comfort and tucked heads for a classic tone. The exterior drum shell design and steel bottoms provide extra durability and stability. Drum stands not included.Quality Siam oak shellsEZ-Curve rims for hand comfortUpdated exterior drum shell designSteel bottoms added for durability and stabilityConga configuration:11 quinto, 11-3/4 conga and 12-1/2 tumba
Drums & Percussion, World Percussion, Hand Drums, Congas LP J08529.002 LPP3-BNSC
LP, Congas

Sound Percussion Labs Unity 8-Piece UNITY8SS

Sound Percussion Labs Unity 8-Piece Double Bass Drum Shell Pack Silver SparkleSound Percussion Labs Unity 8-Piece Double Bass Drum Shell Pack Silver Sparkle
The SPL Unity 8-Piece Shell Pack is the double-bass monster of Unity Series drum kits, featuring two kick drums, three mounted toms, two floor toms and a snare with enough power and tone to make yourself heard. This monster set features toneful and durable 5.6mm, 8-ply poplar shells, which provide a live, bright sound and superior projection very similar to birch. The 45-degree bearing edges enhance attack and creates greater sustain, resulting in a driving, modern sound. Comes complete with traditional mounts and standard lugs. Plus, SPLs one-piece, weld-less steel hoops further enhance strength throughout.ConfigurationBass Drum(s):22 x 16 in. x2Tom(s):8 x 7, 10 x 8, 12 x 9 in.Floor Tom(s):14 x 12, 16 x 14 in.Snare:14 x 5 in.Total Pieces:8Hardware:Not ApplicableCymbals:Not ApplicableShellsShell Material:PoplarConstruction:8-PlyThickness (mm):5.6Bearing Edge:45�°Reinforcement Ring:Not ApplicableDrum HardwareMaterial:SteelMounts:TraditionalHoops:Triple-flangeLugs:StandardOtherHeads:BrandedFinish Type:WrapCountry of Origin:China
Drums & Percussion, Acoustic Drums, Acoustic Drum Sets, Shell Packs Sound Percussion Labs J49064.001 UNITY8SS
Sound Percussion Labs, Shell Packs