Zoom R24 Multitrack ZR24

Zoom R24 Multitrack Recorder/Interface/Controller/SamplerZoom R24 Multitrack Recorder/Interface/Controller/Sampler
Zoom takes its revolutionary R16 and turbocharges it with a sampler and drum machine, 8 additional recording tracks and 6 channels of phantom-power on the all-new R24. The R24 combines 4 production tools into one incredibly versatile device. In addition to 24-track playback and 8-track simultaneous recording using SD memory cards, the R24 is a digital multitrack recorder, an audio interface, a control surface and a pad sampler. The R24’s new sampler function consists of 24 built-in voices that can be triggered using 8 pads and 3 bank keys to assign sounds to each track and create loops. Also, you can use the unit’s drum machine and its 400 rhythm patterns to create original backing beats, or simply output a metronome for tempo control. More than ever before, you have all the tools necessary to create studio-quality recordings anywhere. For recording, the R24 comes with a 2GB SD card. It supports up to 32GB SDHC cards for a maximum of 100 track hours. The flexibility of SD recording not only makes the R24 lighter and more portable, it also ensures increased reliability with no concern for a crashing hard drive. Back up your project on a USB memory stick. Or dedicate an SD card to each recording session. Take your R24 into your studio and record additional tracks using its USB audio interface. Then when you’re ready to mix, use the R24’s control surface capabilities to manage each function of your favorite DAW software. Incorporate any of the 100+ built-in studio effects to enhance your recording and use the pro-quality mastering effects to complete that studio sound. You can even connect 2 R24s via USB for synchronized operation and 16 tracks of simultaneous recording. With the new Zoom R24, versatility, control and comprehensive features come together in a single device that puts everything you need for professional music production right at your fingertips. Multitrack Recorder Over 100 studio-quality effects including guitar amp models and mastering effects Records on up to 32GB SDHC cards for maximum recording time 8 balanced XLR-1/4-inch combination inputs Records in WAV 48kHz/44.1kHz at 16-bit or 24-bit Easily viewable 4-segment LED meter bridge 6-channel simultaneous 48V phantom power supply capability Over 4 hours of operation using 6 AA alkaline batteries (AC adapter included) Sync two R24s via USB for 16 tracks of simultaneous recording Audio Interface High-definition 24-bit/96kHz recording capability using digital audio software 8 in / 2 out (8 x 2) via USB Control Surface Full mixing and transport controls for Cubase, Logic, Sonar and more! USB Control Surface uses Mackie Control emulation Sampler Pad sampler with 24 voices (8 pads x 3 banks) Loop-based audio sequencer for music creation Included Accessories 2 GB SD Card 2 GB USB
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