Yamaha Yamaha Mql8023xw Power-Lite Quad KIT-491892

Yamaha Yamaha Mql8023xw Power-Lite Quad W/ CarrierYamaha Yamaha Mql8023xw Power-Lite Quad W/ Carrier
The Yamaha MQL8023XW Power-Lite Quad Tenor Toms with Carrier features an 8, 10, 12, and 13 marching tenor toms. They each feature 8-ply mahogany and beech shells that have balanced warmth with punch and strength. This set also features a durable Carrier that provides comfort while playing.Pro-Lite Marching TomsThe shells feature Yamaha’s Air-Seal system of manufacturing that ensures they start round and stay round. An in-round shell tunes clearer and provides a pure fundamental tone. They also feature 1.6mm triple flange steel rims that provide tuning flexibility and enhance the low-end partials. The zinc alloy lug casings with reinforced walls and webbing provide strength for high tuning. The Maximum Tonal Projection cutMTP, is designed to project a cutting, focused tone needed to project on the field. They feature nylon and steel washers that allow smooth tuning at high tension.Pro-Lite Marching Trio CarrierThis Carrier is a lightweight T-bar style, with an aluminum body. It gives you height adjustment capabilities, and provides comfort with padded shoulders and a belly plate.Pro-Lite Marching Toms8, 10, 12, and 13 shells8-ply mahogany and beechYamaha’s Air-Seal system1.6mm triple flange steel rimsZinc alloy lug casingsnylon and steel washersPro-Lite Marching Trio Carrier:Lightweight T-bar styleAluminum bodyHeight adjustment capabilitiesPadded shouldersA belly plate
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