Yamaha Q2031b Dual-Channel Graphic Q2031B

Yamaha Q2031b Dual-Channel Graphic EqualizerYamaha Q2031b Dual-Channel Graphic Equalizer
Highly sophisticated stereo 31-band graphic eq from Yamaha, the Q2031B Dual-Channel Graphic Equalizer features an automatic muting circuit. Mutes output for 3 to 5 seconds after power is switched on. The Yamaha Q2031B includes 6 or 12dB of boost or cut, with points centered at ASO 1/3 octave frequencies from 20Hz to 20kHz; both balanced XLR connectors and standard unbalanced phone jacks.Impeccable Yamaha sound qualitySwitchable 6db or 12db control rangeHigh-pass filter kills stage rumbleXLR and 1/4 connectors for any hookup
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