Yamaha Live Custom Oak Floor Tom 18 X LNF-1816BKW

Yamaha Live Custom Oak Floor Tom 18 X 16 In. Black WoodYamaha Live Custom Oak Floor Tom 18 X 16 In. Black Wood
Following in the footsteps of Yamaha’s birch, maple, and beech drum series, Oak shows great promise as a drum shell material. A solid fundamental delivers a powerful sound while its character allows for a unique shell size lineup. Beautifully grained, this hardwood creates a drum with stunning looks.Utilization of Yamaha’s Air Seal system allows for the first time use of oak in a drum shell. As in the maple and birch series, this process delivers a shell that’s perfectly round, with uniform thickness and excellent durability. Floor tom shells are 6-plies. All shells throughout the entire range deliver a solid fundamental and powerful sound.This drum is fitted with low-mass oval-shaped lugs that are easily attached to the shell with a single bolt. Small footprints offer minimum lug to shell contact allowing the shell to deliver maximum tone. A special nylon insert prevents tension rods from becoming loose during play.Long found on Yamaha high-end drum kits, the YESS (Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System) mounting system is on all Oak Custom toms and floor toms. This rod clamp system allows attachment of the drum to the tom holder without the need of a hole in the drum shell for the rod to pass through. The YESS clamp is attached to the shell at the nodal point with two bolts so as to allow the shell to vibrate freely without degrading the shell’s dynamic range and sustain. The nodal point is the location on a shell with the least amount of vibration allowing for the mount to have minimal affect to the resonance of the shell.6-Ply 100% oak shellAir Seal System shellsLow-mass lugsYESS mount equippedRemo heads18 x 16
Drums & Percussion, Acoustic Drums, Floor Toms Yamaha J11247.001.004 LNF-1816BKW
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