Yamaha Cw118v 18 Club Concert Series KIT-600473

Yamaha Cw118v 18 Club Concert Series Subwoofer PairYamaha Cw118v 18 Club Concert Series Subwoofer Pair
These Yamaha Club Concert Series CW118V Subwoofers feature refinements aimed at permanent installations with an elastomeric spray coating that easily fits any dcor, is very tough, and readily paintable to match surroundings. The CW118V’s steel grilles are foam-lined with acoustically transparent material to provide a more subdued appearance.Assembled by hand by skilled technicians, the Yamaha CW118V speaker cabinet is designed for better low-end response and includes heavy steel handles and sturdy pole sockets to make moving and positioning easy. The custom drivers from Eminence feature high-strength curvilinear cones and Kapton voice coil formers, plus oxygen-free copper voice coils and oversize strontium ferrite magnets to provide high power handling and long life. The audio speaker’s 15 and 18 drivers use cast aluminum frames to support the massive magnet structure, eliminate flex, and dissipate heat.The titanium diaphragm compression drivers are mated to 90 degree x 40 degree custom-designed horns. Internal electronics feature over-built crossover networks and overload protection. Connections are dual Neutrik Speakon and 1/4 jacks. With professional features, excellent sonic performance, and great value, Yamaha Club Concert Series loudspeakers deliver premium quality night after night.These CW118V bass speaker enclosures house powerful cast-frame 18 woofers with a frequency response of 30Hz – 2kHz. 600W program handling, 1,200W peak. Sensitivity: 96dB. 22W x 32H x 25D. 71 lbs.Tough, paintable exterior coatingCast-frame 18 woofersFrequency response of 30Hz-2kHz (-10dB)600W program handling/1,200W peakSensitivity: 96dB22W x 32H x 25D each71 lbs. each
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