Yamaha 800 Series Hardware HW-880

Yamaha 800 Series Hardware PackYamaha 800 Series Hardware Pack
This 800 Series Hardware Pack includes an SS-850 snare stand, an HS-850 hi-hat stand, two CS-865 boom cymbal stands, and an FP 9500C single kick pedal.SS-850 double-braced snare standThe basket tilter from the ever-popular SS-740A snare drum stand has been fitted to the SS-850. This reduces weight, while retaining adjustability and durability. The updated basket design also allows the stand to sit 1 lower than the previous model.HS-850 hi-hat standThe HS-850 hi-hat stand is a double-braced, direct-pull design. There are eleven settings for spring tension via an easy-to-use-tension collar.CS-865 boom cymbal standThe new infinite-adjustment cymbal tilter allows virtually any angle adjustment, placing your cymbals right where you want them. The hinged boom-tilter clamp grips the boom securely, and the memory lock adds extra security to keep your cymbals right where you put them. Plastic plugs in the vertical tubes prevent them from rattling, which can be picked up by microphones in the recording studio.FP-9500C chain-drive single pedalThis is a chain-drive single pedal and includes a woven-nylon strap that can be installed using a drum key. The chain-drive is ideal for heavy-footed players, but some players prefer the nylon strap because it is quiet and has a light, quick feel to it. There are adjustments for beater angle, footboard angle, and spring tension on this pedal. The pedal frame has a stabilizer bar cast into it below the rocker shaft to eliminate flex, keep the bearings in alignment, and give the pedal a smooth feel. A teardrop-shaped hole in the beater hub securely holds the beater shaft and keeps it from spinning. Included is a double-sided beater that is felt on one side, and hard plastic on the other. The side-adjustable hoop clamp holds firmly to your kick drum hoop, and tightens with a wing bolt. Transport is easy with the inSS-850 snare stand features:Double-braced740A-style basketHS-850 hi-hat stand features:Double-bracedDirect-pull design11 spring tension settingsCS-865 boom cymbal stand features:Double-bracedInfinite adjustment cymbal tilter allows virtually any angle adjustmentMemory lockPlastic plugs in the vertical tubes prevent them from rattlingFP-9500C chain-drive single pedal features:Chain-driveNylon belt included for optional belt-drive conversionTwo-sided beater has hard felt on one side and hard plastic on the otherAdjustable beater angle, footboard angle, and spring tensionSide-adjustable hoop clamp
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