Yamaha 28 X 14 8300 Series Field-Corps MB-8328BR

Yamaha 28 X 14 8300 Series Field-Corps Marching Bass Drum Black ForestYamaha 28 X 14 8300 Series Field-Corps Marching Bass Drum Black Forest
Designed for top tier marching programs, Field-Corps bass drums provide a deep, resonant tone and punchy attack. From the focused tone of the smallest size to the thunderous boom of the largest model, these bass drums are versatile enough for both indoor and outdoor marching percussion activities.All shells in the 8300 Field-Corps Series are maple, and all have a 14 depth. Air hole size and location has been individually optimized for each drum size. Ample power and punchy bass is provided in relatively slim shells that are manageable and mobile.The 7-ply maple shell provides a precise balance of deep, resonant tones and solid, punchy attack. This shell configuration not only sounds great it has a much lighter carrying weight than its all-hardwood counterparts.Air-Seal System ShellsAll Yamaha bass drums are made using the Air-Seal System which ensures that shells start round and stay round: an in-round shell tunes clearer and provides a pure fundamental tone.Reinforced Tension BoltsSpecially processed tension bolts provide increased strength that can easily handle high tension tuning. 5.4mm steel tension rods provide easy, consistent tuning without adding unnecessary weight.45 Degree Bearing EdgeThe 45 bearing edge allows each drum to speak clearly creating precise articulation.Aluminum Die-Cast Lug DesignThe light, die-cast aluminum lugs are designed with a unique arch-shaped center. This Yamaha original straight-line design decreases surface to surface contact between the shell and lug permitting the shell to vibrate freely, which in turn results in greater tone production. Lug designs are 26% lighter and 60% stronger than previous models.Hoops9-ply maple round edge hoops constructed with our original Air-Seal System are utilized to deliver the strength necessary for maintaining consistSlim, easy to maneuver shellsGreat tone and projectionEasy, consistent tuningPrecise articulation9-ply maple hoopsShips with quality drum head
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