Used Yamaha Live Custom Oak Bass Drum USED005005 LNB-2016AWS

Used Yamaha Live Custom Oak Bass Drum 20 X 16 In., Amber Shadow Sunburst 190839028631Used Yamaha Live Custom Oak Bass Drum 20 X 16 In., Amber Shadow Sunburst 190839028631
Following in the footsteps of Yamaha’s birch, maple, and beech drum series, Oak shows great promise as a drum shell material. A solid fundamental delivers a powerful sound while its character allows for a unique shell size lineup. Beautifully grained, this hardwood creates a drum with stunning looks.Utilization of Yamaha’s Air Seal system allows for the first time use of oak in a drum shell. As in the maple and birch series, this process delivers a shell that’s perfectly round, with uniform thickness and excellent durability. The bass drum shell is 7-plies while the toms and floor tom shells are 6-plies. All shells throughout the entire range deliver a solid fundamental and powerful sound.Height adjustment on the pedal side of the bass drum is possible with the pipe post stabilizer. Use of this system ensures that the beater makes contact at the center of the head. The stabilizer fits into a pipe clamp on the underside of the drum that allows quick and easy adjustment of the height. The post is equipped with a memory clamp that ensures subsequent settings will be quick and precise every time.A sturdy hexagonal design and fixed angle position allow the spurs to withstand the punishment of even the heaviest bass drum foot. For the Oak Custom, the spurs are heavier and even stronger. Height adjustment and the releasing and retracting of the pointed spur are made easily with a drum key.7-Ply 100% oak shellAir Seal System shellsFloating bass drum systemRemo heads20 x 16
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