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Used Schecter Guitar Research Diamond-J Plus Electric Bass Guitar Satin Aged Natural 888365924731Used Schecter Guitar Research Diamond-J Plus Electric Bass Guitar Satin Aged Natural 888365924731
For 2015 Schecter took the Diamond-J shape and redesigned it from the ground up to have a Vintage look while having top of the line electronics, versatile tone possibilities, and modern construction.Starting with the Seymour Duncan Pickups, the Bridge & Neck are the Quarter Pound J SJB-3. Developed for the bassist who needs the slammin’ output of the Hot but with even stronger attack. The quarter-inch pole pieces and intense windings deliver a full response with great sustain.The Master Volume knob features a Phase Switch push-pull pot wired for the Quarter Pound J Bridge pickup. In down position the Seymour Duncan SJB-3′ is wired in phase’ for normal tone when combined with the Neck pickup. In up position the bridge pickup is wired Out-of-Phase’ when combined with the Neck pickup. This produces an original nasally honky tone with lots of emphasis on the Midrange. Previously a difficult tone to work with because the Low-end is cut until now since adding the Seymour Duncan 2-Band Active EQ with 18v system the Bass can be boosted creating a very unique tone that can be used for tailoring your original sound.Schecter was looking for the most versatile tone possibilities so we developed this bass with a 4-Way Rotary Pickup Selector Switch. This gives you the option to combine the Bridge and Neck pickup in series or in parallel.Schecter took these wiring features and then added the Seymour Duncan 2-Band Active EQ with 18v system for even more tone shaping versatility. This enables the player to add or subtract EQ at center frequencies voiced specifically for electric bass. The lows are deep, clear, and tight. There are two treble dip switch’ frequency centers to choose from. The lower setting is perfect for adding growl and bite to traditional P, J, and MM tones. The higher setting provides crystal clear top end to modern-sounding, full-frequency bass tones with punishing clarity without any brittleness.After they got the electronics tricked out they worked on the Construction of the bass.The bolt-on neck joint was reshaped and contoured for smoother access to the higher frets. The neck is bolted down with 6 bolts for a stronger neck/body bond. Carbon fiber reinforcement rods are used in the neck to strengthen the neck relief and preventing any neck shifting. The fretboard features a 12 radius adding a modern roundness to the feel. The Wilkinson WBBC bridge was customized with a string-thru body design for a vintage look & sound and modern string-thru for added string resonance & increased sustain. Precision and durability with classic styling make the Grover 142 series Vintage bass tuners ideal for a vintage look and modern functions. The die cast housing is a sturdy foundation for maintaining center lines of the worm and gear. A fixed bearing surface in the housing creates a smooth tuning surface for easy tuning and 22:1 gear ratio. The safety string post and elephant ear
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