Used Sabian Hhx Super Cymbal Set USED005016 15007XS-MF

Used Sabian Hhx Super Cymbal Set Regular 190839040183Used Sabian Hhx Super Cymbal Set Regular 190839040183
The Sabian HHX Super Cymbal Pack has been carefully designed by the Sabian Vault Team to produce a full, rich, sonically advanced tone. These cymbals are composed of 80% copper with silver and 20% tin. They are carefully hammered and developed to create the most focused, responsive cymbals available.Studio Crash Cymbals The HHX studio crash cymbals included are 14Ã?ÂÂ?, 16Ã?ÂÂ?, and 18Ã?ÂÂ?. They feature a traditional tone with modern projection that can stand up to guitar-heavy tracks. Their thin design adds a bright tone with pure musicality.Stage Ride Cymbal The 20Ã?ÂÂ? HHX Stage Ride cymbal is topped with a raw bell for a fantastic blend of tones. It also features bright stick definition.X-Celerator Hi-Hats The 14Ã?ÂÂ? X-Celerator hi-hats are carefully designed for optimal control and speed. The speed of these cymbals is due to the heavy bottom cymbal. With a medium-weight top, the tone is firm and full. These hi-hats also feature contoured Air WaveÃ?ÂÂ? technology. Due to this, when the cymbals come together air is expelled to eliminate any sound-muting airlock. Splash Finally there is a 10Ã?ÂÂ? splash included with the Sabian HHX Super Cymbal Pack to add that biting, fast, punchy tone.B20 ‘cast’ bronze (80% copper with silver, 20% tin)Sonically MatchedSet contents:14 X-Celerator hi-hats14 and 16 Studio crashes20 Stage rideFree 18 Studio crashFree 10 Splash
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