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Used Roli Seaboard Rise Midi Controller Regular 190839047021Used Roli Seaboard Rise Midi Controller Regular 190839047021
A revolutionary MIDI controller that is exceptionally intuitive and easy to use, the Seaboard RISE from ROLI is the ultimate form of expression. With a variety of touch gestures, MIDI over Bluetooth, and endless possibilities, it’s no wonder there’s so much buzz about this unique keyboard controller. Select from two playing style modes, and five dimensions of touch including strike, press, glide, and slide, each with their own unique way of delivering a one-of-a-kind performance. If youre looking for just a standard wireless keyboard controller, the Seaboard RISE can deliver. Just disable expressive control and the Seaboard RISE can be played like a regular piano or MIDI controller, but with an added touch of style. Seaboard RISE was made to travel. Its incredibly thin and rugged build design makes it easy to take just about anywhere, and with long-lasting battery power and MIDI over Bluetooth, you can turn on and play just about anywhere you are. The Seaboard RISE also comes in a beautiful case, and is bundled with Equator, a custom-built multi-platform software synthesizer designed exclusively for incredible real-time modulation with Seaboard RISE. Five Dimensions of TouchStrikeStrike describes the force with which a finger makes contact with a keywave. This dimension of touch corresponds to strike on a standard keyboard.GlideGlide describes horizontal movements from side to side on a keywave or along the ribbons. Glide movements bend and adjust pitch as naturally as on a string instrument, allowing effects such as vibrato and glissando, all on a polyphonic basis.SlideSlide describes vertical movements up and down a keywave. Slide can be assigned to most sound parameters in Equator. An upward movement along the top of the keywave, for example, might open a filter that transforms an acoustic guitar sound to a bass guitar sound, while a downward movement will close that filter.PressPress describes the pressure applied to the keywave after the initial Strike. The keywaves respond to each moment of continuous touch, transmitting minute variations of pressure to sound. This continuous pressure-sensitivity allows for swells, fades, and other detailed expressions.LiftLift describes the release velocity or speed of liftoff from a keywave. Lift can be assigned to most sound parameters in Equator. For example, a rapid lift can result in a lingering resonance or a hard pluck.MIDI Over BluetoothThe Seaboard RISE can transmit MIDI-over-Bluetooth to devices which support it, which currently is Mac computers running OS X 10.10and with a Bluetooth LE chip. Seaboard RISE is also compatible with iPad and can transmit MIDI over Bluetooth for iOS 8 and above. For all other applications, Seaboard RISE can transmit MIDI over USB so it can be connected and used with DAWs and virtual instr
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