Used Roland Ac-90 90W 2X8 Stereo USED005005 ac-90

Used Roland Ac-90 90W 2X8 Stereo Acoustic Chorus Guitar Combo Amp Black 888365910703Used Roland Ac-90 90W 2X8 Stereo Acoustic Chorus Guitar Combo Amp Black 888365910703
Loaded with high-performance neodymium speakers and 90 watts of power, the Roland AC-90 amp provides a rich, powerful sound while remaining lightweight for easy transport. The AC-90 employs a stereo 2-way speaker system that delivers transparent highs — great for the built-in multi-band stereo chorus — while also providing incredibly powerful low-frequency performance.Legacy of ExcellenceThe AC-90 isn’t just any amp on the block Ã?¦ it’s the long-awaited addition to Roland’s industry-leading AC-series amp family. Roland’s reputation for world-class sound, amazing performance, portability, and top-quality construction in the AC series are all upheld in this stunning amplifier.Power PerformerWith 90 watts of stereo power (45W+45W) driving top-quality neodymium speakers, the AC-90 amplifier delivers exceptional full-range performance — from shimmering, crystal-clear highs to full-impact bottom end. This amp is more than capable of cutting though a wall of sound.Anti-Feedback ControlEnjoy maximum volume without feedback. Simply dial in the offending frequency and the AC-90 will suppress the feedback. This allows you to roam the stage with confidence — even with 90 watts of powerful sound at your back.Immersive Stereo FXThe AC-90 amp’s onboard stereo effects benefit from Roland’s decades of industry-leading R&D. Experience the amazing spatial depth and lush sound of the stereo multi-band chorus, complete with developed WIDE mode. Delay and Reverb are provided as well, and can be controlled via footswitch.VersatilityIn addition to its amazing acoustic-guitar amplification qualities, the Roland AC-90 can also function as a portable PA system thanks to its dual-channel architecture and phantom-powered Microphone input.Power: 90W stereoTwo channels: Guitar input (Piezo/Magnetic) and phantom-powered Mic/Line inputSpeakers: 2×8 in. woofers; two 8 cm x 5 cm x 2 cm (3 in. x 2 in.) tweetersControls: Guitar channel: Pickup switch (piezo/magnetic), Shape Switch, volume, 3-band EQ, chorus switch; Mic/Line channel: Phantom Switch, Select Switch (mic/line), volume, 3-band EQ, chorus switch, chorus Knob, reverb knob (anti-feedback), frequency knob, start button, mute switch, master knob, power switchIndicator: Chorus (Guitar channel, Mic/Line channel), Anti-feedback, mute, powerNominal Input Level (1kHz): Guitar Channel: -10dBuMic/Line Channel: -50 / -10dBuAux. in: -10dBuNominal output level (1kHz): DI/Tuner out: +4dBuLine out: +4dBuSub woofer out: +4 dBuGuitar input: Channel Input Jack 1/4 in. phone typeMic/Line Inputs: XLR type, 1/4 in. phone typeAux. in: RCA phono type,1/4 in. phone typeDI/Tuner out: 1/4 in. TRS phone typeLine out: XLR type, 1/4 in. phone typeSubwoofer out: 1/4 in. phone typePhones: Stereo 1/4 in. phone typeFo
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