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At first glance of the NTR you’re aware that it’s very special and uniquean intricate blend of art and science. Designed to hang in the world’s finest recording studios and performance halls equally as well as home studio spaces, its existence is a labour of love for RODE. Every element of the NTR, from the transformer to the ribbon element itself, has been designed and created in-house at RODE’s headquarters in Sydney, Australia. All with the aim of crafting the finest ribbon microphone available.Sonically, the NTR is capable of reproducing unprecedented high frequency detail and accuracy, addressing common criticisms of other ribbon microphones, while opening up the possible usage scenarios considerably. This allows it to record sound sources that usually require a more sensitive microphone element.One of the thinnest ribbons in existenceMeasuring only 1.8 microns, the NTR ribbon was designed to provide the highest level of sensitivity across the useable frequency response range.Laser etched elementMost ribbon microphone manufacturers manually cut the element, resulting in microscopic frays along the edges that decay over time. RODE uses a proprietary laser technique to cut the NTR ribbon, giving a far more precise cut with smooth edges, increasing its longevity.Internal shock mountingThe NTR’s integrated shock mounting is so effective an external shock mount is not required.Custom transformerMarried to RODE’s ribbon element is a high output, ultra-low noise, low-impedance transformer. This ensures maximum fidelity between the NTR’s ribbon motor and electronics.World-class active electronicsIn combination with the transformer this allows the NTR to be used with a wide range of preamps without the additional gain requirements of many other ribbon offerings.Travel screwThis secures the sensitive ribbon element and shock mount in place when not in use.Chemically etched all-metal meshExtremely rigid while exhibiting super-low density, this results in greater acoustic transparency.Solid surfaces in the capsule rejection zoneThe solid frame around the ribbon capsule is positioned entirely within the rejection zone of the capsule’s bidirectional polar pattern.Unique designThe ribbon is mounted distinctly separate to the microphone body, allowing the greatest possible acoustic transparency around the ribbon element and minimizing any resonance.AudioFrequency response: 20Hz to 20kHzMax SPL: 130 dBConnectivity: XLRPattern and typeCapsule: RibbonPattern: Figure-8Type: MountedApplications: StudioPhantom power required: NoSize and weightWidth: 65mmHeight: 216mmDepth: 65mmWeight: 1047gmIncluded acc
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