Used Jet City Amplification 100Hdm USED005008 JCA100HDM

Used Jet City Amplification 100Hdm 100W/50W Tube Guitar Amp Head Black 888365956978Used Jet City Amplification 100Hdm 100W/50W Tube Guitar Amp Head Black 888365956978
Jet City Amplification’s flagship 100HDM Amp Head is two channels of Soldano tone and 100 watts of pure tube power. The Crunch channel has plenty of headroom to deliver clear, bright clean tones and can be driven hard enough to get downright raunchy. The Overdrive channel is the circuit that made Soldano famous. The HDM version also includes the famous Soldano Depth Control, and a metal front baffle, standard. The 100W/50W brings the pain from four 6L6 output tubes in 100W mode, or in 50W mode two tubes are turned off causing the power section to work harder to reach the desired output level, resulting in some pretty hot power amp distortion. Rounding out the feature set is the wire-mounted blue LED, just because it looks cool. This LED is socket-mounted so it can be replaced with other colors, a daisy-chain of several LEDs, or removed entirely.Channels: Crunch and Overdrive, foot-switchable with included footswitchControls: Normal and Overdrive Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Normal and Overdrive Masters, Presence, Depth. 100W/50W.Effects Loop: Tube bufferedFootswitch: Overdrive channel footswitch, included.Tubes: 5x 12AX7 preamp / 4x 6L6 powerCabinetry: Multi-ply, void-free hardwoodChassis: 16 gauge, cold-rolled steelOutput Power: 100 watts into 16 ohm or 2 x 8 ohm speaker outputsInput Power: Multi-tapped power transformer at 100v/120v/220v/240v and standard IEC connectorDimensions (HxDxW): 9.5Ã?³ x 9.5Ã?³ x 25Ã?³Weight: 43.6 lb.
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