Used Hammond Leslie Ls2215 Keyboard USED005008 006-599-922150

Used Hammond Leslie Ls2215 Keyboard Amplifier Regular 190839036353Used Hammond Leslie Ls2215 Keyboard Amplifier Regular 190839036353
There is no more iconic name in organ amplification than Leslie, and the Leslie LS2215 carries on the tradition of uncompromising amplification of quality organ tone. But wait, there’s more. The LS2215 is a reasonably priced and highly portable keyboard amp that does an astounding job amplifying electric piano, brass and string patches, and even offers a rich, detailed amplification of acoustic piano timbres. This one features a beautiful black finish that disappears under stage lighting.The LESLIE brand is synonymous with high quality in sound, performance, construction and reliability. The LESLIE LS2215 Combo Amplifier upholds the Leslie tradition now in a compact non-rotary model designed to complement any key-board rig, solo performer, acoustic guitarist, or other application where powerful, clean amplification is desired.The LS2215 features a 200-watt solid state mono power amp with a pair of 4Ã?ÂÂ? mid-high drivers and a 15Ã?ÂÂ? woofer. The stereo preamp section features three discrete input channels: Instrument, Keyboard, and Microphone. Each channel features an independent 3-band EQ. The Instrument and Keyboard channels each feature L&R stereo Ã?¼Ã?ÂÂ? input jacks, while the Microphone channel features Ã?¼Ã?ÂÂ? and XLR jacks.The Instrument and Keyboard channels include independent stereo send and return jacks, for effects management. A fourth channel offers a Stereo Auxiliary input with volume control. The Master Control division uses a global 3-band EQ, Master volume control and a discrete Headphone jack with its own volume pot.Power amp: mono solid-state 200w rms/300w peakMaster control: volume / 3-band EQ (low/mid/high)Channel inputs/control: 4 + (1) headphoneKeyboard channel1/4 mono eachEffect – send & return: (1) L & (1) R TRS – 1/4 mono eachControl: volume / 3-band EQ(low/mid/high)  Instrument channelInput # & type: (1) L & (1) R TR – 1/4 mono eachEffect – send & return: (1) L & (1) R TRS – 1/4 mono eachControl: volume / 3-band eq (low/mid/high) Microphone channel(1) xlr & (1) 1/4 monoVolume / 3-band EQ (low/mid/high)Aux:(1) l & (1) r tr – 1/4 mono each Headphone channelHeadphones: (1) trs – 1/4 stereoControl: volume (independent of main volume) Rear panelMaster line out: stereo(1)L & (1) R TR – 1/4 mono each(1) L & (1) R – XLR each w/gnd Effect – send & return(1) L & (1) R TRS – 1/4 mono each(send only provides right channel audio out to slave amp for stereo) SpeakersTweeter: 2 x 4 mid – high frequency driversWoofer: 1 x 15 low frequency driverBass ports: 2x frontWeight: 70 lbs.Dimensions: 21 5/8 x 13 x 29 3/16
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