Used Electro-Voice Tx2181 Tour-X Dual USED006007 F.01U.302.276

Used Electro-Voice Tx2181 Tour-X Dual 18 Subwoofer Black 190839041203Used Electro-Voice Tx2181 Tour-X Dual 18 Subwoofer Black 190839041203
The Electro-Voice TX2181 Tour-X is a dual subwoofer system that is designed to add high-output, high-impact bass response to the EV TX2152 loudspeaker system. The 18 TX2181 subwoofer can move tremendous amounts of air, thanks to dual EVS-18S high-excursion woofers, a well-braced enclosure, and a low-distortion port design. The EVS-18S woofers feature a 4-layer voice coils and cast frames for high power handling and maximum durability. The Electro-Voice TX2181 is designed to be used with a processor and a dedicated amplifier channel in a biamp configuration. The TX2181 Tour-X has many features that make it a versatile subwoofer system. The enclosure is constructed out of a combination of MDF and plywood, and coated with EVCoat for maximum strength and durability. The unique grille design is very strong, dent resistant, and features a rotatable logo. Four way handles allow for gripping in a variety of positions. The recessed input panel with dual NL4 connectors keep the connectors hidden and allows for closer placement to a wall or other boundary. It is the same width and height as the TX2152, providing a single column appearance when stacked, and uses the minimum amount of space when stored or transported. Mounting points on the rear of the enclosure allow the optional TX-W1 wheel kit to be attached for easy portability.Dual 18 Direct-RadiatingDual EVS-18S 18 (457mm) LF transducers103dB sensitivity, 138dB maximum SPL1000W continuous, 4000W peak power handling4 integrated handles for easy portabilityMounting points to attach optional TX-W1 wheel kit
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