Used Electro-Voice Etx-12P 12 Two-Way USED005016 F.01U.302.281

Used Electro-Voice Etx-12P 12 Two-Way Powered Loudspeaker Regular 190839041357Used Electro-Voice Etx-12P 12 Two-Way Powered Loudspeaker Regular 190839041357
Portability is a key factor in selecting professional quality sound reiforcement enclosures. EV’s ETX-12P is an excellent solution for many bands, DJs and presenters of various types. Its enclosure is small, reasonably lightweight, and still effectively reproduces frequencies as low as 43 Hz. This enclosure contains 2000 watts of Class D power and a sophisticated patching panel on the rear to use it in many different configurations and applications.Inside each low-profile, tour-grade wood enclosure are a range of unique new features that set ETX Powered Loudspeakers apart, combining intelligent technology and innovative industrial design for spectacular results across all applications. EV-engineered high-efficiency transducers and high-powered Class-D amplifiers, Signal Synchronized Transducers (SST) waveguide design and smart FIR-Drive DSP all work together to provide peerless EV sound quality and precise coverage at the highest SPLs.12 LF SMX woofer1.25 HF titanium compression driver2000 W Class-D power amplifier with integrated FIR-Drive DSP135 dB peak SPL
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