Used Cerwin-Vega Cva-118 18 Active USED006087 CVA-118

Used Cerwin-Vega Cva-118 18 Active Subwoofer  888365902180Used Cerwin-Vega Cva-118 18 Active Subwoofer 888365902180
The CVA-118 subwoofer is a high-performance, compact 18 active sub with 700W of efficient power output. The legendary Cerwin-Vega woofer design is reflected in this 18 woofer offering maximum bass performance with extreme power handling and exceptional low-frequency response. The CVA-118 speaker features built-in amplification for an integrated, all-in-one solution. A unique and striking cast aluminum grille protects the woofer while doubling as a heat-sink to minimize power compression and optimizing driver performance. Housed in a compact hardwood enclosure design the size of a standard 15 subwoofer footprint, the CVA-118 is highly portable and durable. Along with XLR and 1/4 TRS connectors, the CVA-118 has Master/Slave output connectors that allow for multiple CVA subwoofers to be daisy-chained together using a single signal. This compact active sub also features a 35 mm pole-mount socket to accommodate a satellite speaker for full range performance.Custom 18 Cerwin-Vega woofer Built-in system amplification Master/slave output Cast aluminum grille Top-mount 35mm pole socket
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