Used Casio Mz-X500 Music Arranger Black USED005005 MZ-X500

Used Casio Mz-X500 Music Arranger Black 888365938929Used Casio Mz-X500 Music Arranger Black 888365938929
The MZ-X500 provides over 1,100 high-quality Tones, covering a variety of instruments. Acoustic guitars include fret noise, harmonics, string slides and body slaps. Basses have smooth glissando from note to note. The Tones can be easily modified to suit your tastes, thanks to the Color Touch Interface and real-time control knobs and sliders. You can also draw on a selection of 20 different effects to fit any occasion.Virtual Tonewheel OrganThe MZ-X500 faithfully reproduces the timeless sound of a vintage tonewheel organ. The rotary speaker is also simulated in great detail, giving you the complete vocabulary of this revered instrument. The physical sliders give you precise drawbar control, and easy onscreen buttons provide you with essential adjustments.Hex Layer And Bass SynthThe MZ-X500 boasts Casios powerful Hex Layer technology. This flexible architecture allows you layer six different sounds together in a single Tone. Each layer has its own key and velocity zones, plus a complete set of synthesizer parameters. Now, multiply all that by four, because the MZ-X500 can play an astonishing four Hex Layers simultaneously, giving you control of 24 sounds at once. With Hex Layers, you can command an entire symphony orchestra, a massive polysynth, or any other sound you can imagine. The MZ-X500s Bass Synth uses the power of Hex Layers to deliver the fun and versatility of analog-style synthesis. These classic and evocative bass sounds can be played monophonically, with adjustable legato and portamento behavior. A library of vintage bass sounds is included to cover classic songs, and they can be easily modified using the real time controls and Color Touch Interface.Easy Production ToolsThe MZ-X500 is a songwriters dream. Realize your creativity with a 16-track MIDI recorder with a full suite of mixing and editing features, plus powerful effect processors and USB audio recording. Select an ensemble, lay down a groove, then connect a microphone and record your performance as an upload-ready WAV file.Authentic RhythmsThe MZ-X500 contains hundreds of flexible and great-sounding Rhythms, representing musical genres from around the world. Latin, Middle Eastern, European, Asian, and other global Rhythms are included, as well as a full spectrum of pop, jazz, rock, dance. These Rhythms have multiple intros, endings, and variations, and use advanced chord detection to deliver complete accompaniment ensembles that react smoothly to the way you play. They are ideal for solo performances, songwriting, or just enjoying a jam session with a virtual band of professional musicians.Touch, Twist, And TapThe bold, bright 5.3-inch Color Touch Interface puts you in the drivers seat, and makes it incredibly easy to explore and navigate the MZ-X Series. It can even be used as an X/Y controller for the built-in effects and
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